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First MultiVersus Patch Notes Target Bugs & Players Experience

Sebastian Quintanilla
5 min

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First MultiVersus Patch Notes Target Bugs & Player Experience
Images courtesy of MVS
A whole lot fixed but not all yet

Following the extensive feedback the community gave Player First Games over the past week, MultiVersus received its first post-launch patch today. The bulk of the changes concern bugs and general player feedback, such as a hit pause on all hits and the ability to try out all fighters in training mode. Unfortunately, Iron Giant remains disabled for online play, as the team is looking to push through more changes before it is fully out.


  • Lowered Hit Pause on all Hits by 10% in 1v1 modes
  • Players can now try all Fighters in Training Mode, including Fighters they do not own
  • Battlepass XP will now be granted after each PvP Match in addition to Events and Missions.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where players could not complete daily rewards in Rifts Mode
  • Fixed an issue that was impacting performance on Xbox Series X|S 
  • Fixed an issue where beam visual effects were occasionally invisible on PlayStation consoles 
  • Fixed an issue where certain keyboard configurations would cause phantom inputs in matches 
  • Fixed an issue with pause input conflicts in Training



  • Dash Attack 
    • ~ Reduced input buffer window for follow-up attacks 

Banana Guard 

The goal of this change is to reduce the extreme kill power on Banana Guard’s side specials and bring it more in line with the damage of the rest of the cast. 

  • Aerial Side Special  
    • – Reduced damage to 10 from 12 
  • Ground Side Special 
    • – Reduced damage to 12 from 14 

Bugs Bunny 

  • Neutral Special 
    • * Fixed an issue causing the Safe to hit repeatedly and rapidly in succession 


  • Down Special  
    • * Fixed an issue where Garnet and an enemy could be frozen at the end of her Star Grab 


  • Up Special 
    • – Ally attach cooldown now begins when Gizmo detaches from his ally, instead of beginning when Gizmo attaches to his ally. 

Iron Giant 

The goal of these changes is to prevent Iron Giant from chaining certain sets of attacks infinitely. While these fixes address some of the issues on Iron Giant, it will require additional fixes to bring Iron Giant fully back online. Iron Giant will remain down for repairs until those fixes are implemented in a future patch. 

  • Ground Down Attack 
    • ~ Knockback angle is now more horizontal 
  • Aerial Neutral Attack 
    • ~ Final hit now always knocks away regardless of charge 
  • Ground Side Attack 
    • – Jab first hitbox is slightly smaller 
  • Rage Mode Pilot Special 
    • ~ Reduced strobing visual effects
  • Rage Mode Up Special 
    • – Reduced final hit damage to 5 from 6 


  • Aerial/Ground Up Special 
    • * Fixed some issues with game performance 


  • Ground Down Special 
    • * Fixed an issue where one player would disappear when Jason grabbed two players with the sleeping bag 


  • Basketball  
    • – Basketball can now only hit one time per target 


  • Aerial/Ground Neutral Attack 
    • * Fixed an issue where Marvin could ringout opponents instantly due to a Side Special projectile interaction with Neutral Attack 


  • Aerial Side Attack 
    • ~ Knockback Angle is now more horizontal 
  • Aerial Up Attack 
    • ~ Knockback Angle is now more horizontal 


The goal of this change is to not allow Neutral Air Attack to combo back into the Jab combo at all damage levels. There are feel issues introduced with this change that we will address in the next patch. 

  • Aerial Neutral Air 
    • ~ Base Knockback increased to 1700 from 1300 
    • ~ Knockback Scaling increased to 14 from 13 
    • ~ Knockback Angle is more horizontal 
    • ~ On-Hit cancel window delayed by 10 frames 


  • Aerial Up Attack 
    • ~ Sweet spot hitbox delayed 1 frame later to match when Steven has his hands clapped together 
  • Aerial Down Attack 
    • – On-Hit cancel window delayed by 3 frames 


  • Aerial Down Attack 
    • + More downward momentum is maintained on attack start-up 


  • Aerial/Ground Side Special 
    • + Increased damage on non-cooldown tornado final hit to 8 from 7  

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman’s lasso was a bit too oppressive to play against without any limiter, so we decided to add a short cooldown to the ability. 

  • Aerial/Ground Neutral Special 
    • – Added an 8 second cooldown for lasso 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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