Kunimitsu Move List and Sample Combos

Ilya Kravtsov
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 Kunimitsu Move List and Sample Combos
She will not become the "new Akuma"

Hundreds of flights have already taken place in virtual arenas with the participation of the new Tekken 7 character - Kunimitsu since Season 4 was released. Many players were enthusiastic about her appearance. They probably expected the appearance of someone like Akuma-2.

After analyzing her move list, including staple combos, we can say that a new imba is not expected. Kunimitsu is definitely a strong character. her advantage is a series of blows, rather than individual powerful "shots". But this makes her especially vulnerable because by blocking one of them, you thereby deprive her of the opportunity to complete a series of attacks and inflict maximum damage. We repeat, that it is for such series that she is probably designed as a character.

Most of her punches are on the head and torso, so keep that in mind if Kunimitsu becomes your opponent. She has quite a few hard kicks to opponent's legs.

If you want to play for Kunimitsu, then try to do it as soon as possible, while for many she is a completely unknown character. Secondly, seize the initiative and attack, because to win, on average, you will need to inflict more punches on your opponent than Akuma or Jack-7.

Kunimitsu Move List — TEKKEN 7 Season 4

From Rage Art to Shrouded Lotus Blade to Setsunagake 

From Relentless Lotus Blade to Moonlight Assassin

From Setsunagake to Gekka Renzan to Pounsing Strike

From Souenzan to Kusabiyuki to Setsunagake

From Kanameishi to Asura Blade

From Failing Hail to Supreme Thrust

From Slap U Silly to Aratama Slash to Pouncing Strike

From Aratama Kick to Fatal Stab

From Cross Strike to Double Rising Knee

From Crescent Moon Kick to Ninpo Shinkiro to Tensho Kaisen

From Ninpo Shinkiro to Tobitengu to Kaisen Rengeki

From Kaisen Rengeki to Setsunagake to 10 Hit Combo


From Tamaki to Secret Flower Ura

Kunimitsu Sample Combos

Sample Combos from 1 to 10

Sample Combos from 11 to 15

Kunimitsu Move List — TEKKEN 7 Season 4