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Evo 2022 MultiVersus Results - A Tight Fight to the Finish Line

Sebastian Quintanilla
20 min

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Evo 2022 MultiVersus Results - A tight fight to the finish line
Over 200 teams signed up to play at Evo 2022 for a chance to grab a piece of the 100k in the first official MVS Tournament

A Big Weekend for MultiVersus

Warner Bros' take on the franchised platform fighter, a genre dominated by Super Smash Bros, seems to be a resounding success. So far, the game has enjoyed ballooning viewership on Twitch from various content creators covering the open beta of the game. Now, at the center of Fighting Games, Evo 2022, Player First Games and WB put together a massive $100 thousand tournament to spark interest in the competitive scene of their title.

Over 200 teams signed up, as the event was a 2v2 competition, with starts from all over the FGC, and especially the platform fighting world. SonicFox, MVD, Hungrybox, Boomie, and Sandstorm, to name a few. But not everyone could walk away with the first official championship, less so the bulk of the cash prizes from the outing. The action started on Friday with pools into the top 64 of the competition, which fed the top 48 for early Saturday.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Character picks & Perks

Coming into the final 32 players, the general form of teams began to take a more solid shape. Velma and Bugs Bunny were clear pickups for most teams, with a player taking at least one of them or both. This was down to Bugs' ability to deny space and strong batting arm, which could help pick up offstage knockouts. Velma, on the hand, was seen as a projectile heavy character keeping a gap between herself and her opponents while peppering them with debuffs and hits. Of course, she was still viable up and close with her Up Air helping set up great top knockouts.

Another set of characters with a good pick rate were Finn and Tom & Jerry, though more likely to be specialist characters. NAKAT and VoiD, in particular, made use of T&J projectile denial alongside Wonder Woman's extreme tanking to great effect, allowing them to keep the fight focused on just one part of the stage while Tom & Jerry sent balls and dynamites to it from the other side. Finn's sword-heavy fighting style also showed up strong in various sets, usually paired with someone who can tank the bring of damage while Finn juggles opponents on his own.

Triple jump was a common perk among top players, too, allowing for greater survivability of stage but, most importantly, a way to keep using various characters' strong aerial moves, especially as their combo potential grew alongside damage. Lower cooldowns was also a common theme for players, Velma based teams, in particular, choose to maximize their potential.

By the time teams found themselves in the final stages of the bracket, Superman was a clear meta pick for brawl picks. Velma often sits as the second pick to reduce cooldowns and add in extra damage from a distance to force opponents off stage and into the air to avoid her projectiles.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 32 Upper Side

Starting out the bracket, RoseJ and mirrorman, a team made up of top Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl players, were able to secure a 2-0 victory against Donte and CPWMA, who also sport credentials in Nick All-Star as well as Slap City. Nearby, Broskis and Oopstier took a clean 2-0 win against Chavo and Zoo. Knights' 2eZ was taken to the lower bracket alongside his duos' partner Blaizzy on the back of a close 2-1 loss against Courage and Zage. A surprised close series was Sandstrorm and Boomie taking a rare L against T1FF4NY and Stahly in a long 2-1.

Brawlhalla representatives Rexehh and Cosolix faired better as they continued their streak, getting a 2-0 over Troco and Pugx. Bugzvii and TheBanMan also moved forward with a 2-0 against FlashTyrie and Aux. Another 2-0 was in favor of NAKAT and VoiD, those promising players since the early stages of the event who secured a clean win versus Dadpool and iiPK. Moving forward from Round 1 was also Synume and Leviathan, the first seeded team who took a 2-0 victory over MVD and Pung.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 16 Upper Side

A flawless victory on the hands of RoseJ and mirrorman over T1FF4NY and Stahly opened the proceedings for the top 16, though earlier that day, it was NAKAT and VoiD being the first to secure their spot in the top 8 through their impeccable Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry combo which seemed to put all opponents on their backfoot as it worked to great effect against Bugzii and TheBanMan.

Leviathan and Synume were seeded number one for a reason. They were vibrant in their top 16 matchups with Reindog and Batman, showing the power of combining the two characters against Courage and Zage's Taz and Velma eventually took the series 2-0.

Closing out the upper side of the bracket was Cosolix and Rexehh on Velma and Bugs Bunny versus Broskis and Oopstier, who favored Superman instead of Bugs for their team, a fight between talent shown in various platform fighters versus experienced tournament players in MultiVersus with 7 tournaments under their name. In the end, it was the Brawlhalla experts who sealed the deal to make it to top 8.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 16 Lower Side

Kicking off the action for the last chance these played had to continue on to the top 8 were T1FF4NY and Stahly, who were on the respectable Velma-Superman combo against Chavo and Zoo with Finn and Batman. After what looked like a dominant lead for T1FF4NY and Stahly in game 1, Chavo and Zoo were able to pick game 2 up, but Stahly's Super was just too much for them to complete the comeback.

Coming in after was Zage and Courage, featuring Taz and Velma versus Starlight and Mikkeaux on Arya Stark and Shaggy, who were on a striking lower bracket run from even before the top 48. Going to the Hunted Mansion first, Zage and Courage were able to take a lead in a strong fashion, then in Sky Arena, they secured the win for the 2-0.

For a change of pace, Donte and CPWMA versus Broskis and Oopstier was a Superman-Velma mirror match. Even as things looked a bit more even for Game 2, Broskis , and Oopstier were able to secure their spot in top 8. Rounding up the top 16 was 2eZ and Blaizzy came back from a loss earlier on the day to cruise their way with a 2-0 against Bugzii and TheBanMan.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 8 Lower Rounds 1 & 2

Starting the top 8 celebrations were Zage and Courage versus T1FF4NY and Stahly. Both teams stuck with their picks from the previous series, with Velma making an appearance for both teams with the added brawler being Taz, the last on the bracket, on the side of Courage and Superman for Stahly. Game 1 developed quickly in favor of Stalhy on account of superman's strong presence on the map, opening up opportunities for Velma to rank up damage to finish off opponents.

Courage and Zage were able to tie up the series 1-1 in Game 2 by just being able to control the stage better than their opponent and make use of the center hole in the stage. Through games' 3 and 4 it was clear that Stahly's strategy became to shutdown Courage's Taz with constant agression. But even with that effort. The series went to Game 5 where Stahly's Superman truly shined and survived well above 200 only to come back and deal the killing blow.

The second matchup of lowers was 2eZ, who already had secured a medal for his Evo 2022 campaign, alongside Blaizzy in their Velma and Bugs Bunny facing off against Broskis and Oopstier with Superman and Velma. Game 1 went to the last stock for both sides, but 2eZ and Blaizzy were able to take the early lead. Game 2, which was looking like a pop-off, was cut early due to an unfortunate mid-game pause, which seemed to have been made accidentally, requiring TOs on site to figure the solution, which was to give the game to Broskis and Oopstier, as the other team was responsible for the pause.

Game 3 was closed out by again another great Superman performance with Oopstier and Broskis getting a 4-1 with a 1-2 KO at the tail end of the game and bringing forth a game 4 and potential match point. Game 4 went back to Haunted Mansion with momentum going the way of Broskis and Oopstier, who pushed hard for the victory to move forward.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 8 Upper Semi-Finals

A much-awaited match opened the upper side of the top 8 with Cosolix and Rexehh with their Bugs Bunny and Velma facing the unique matchup of NAKAT and VoiD on Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry. That very unique matchup helped them secure Game 1 on the back of Wonder Woman's lasso, putting so much pressure on Bugs that had to break at some point. Game 2 also fell in the hands of NAKAT and VoiD as they showed the strength of their picks with Tom & Jerry being able to secure kills whenever Wonder Woman fell through or was away dealing with the on-stage pressure.

For Game 3, Cosolix swapped out to one of his earlier picks in the Open Beta period, Taz, a revival of Courage's aggressive style for the upper bracket on the match point, and risked doing away with the more established pick of Velma. A choice that would prove too little too late. A swift 3-0 victory for the side of NAKAT and VoiD.

The other side of semis had Synume and Leviathan taking on RoseJ and mirrorman. Like the other match, Leviathan and Synume were able to walk their way into the top 8 with their unique team. In this case, this was Batman, Shaggy, and Reindog all the while RoseJ and mirrorman were sporting the traditional pick of Bugs Bunny and Velma. Unlike the other series, Bugs and Velma were able to challenge their opponents on stage and take Game 1 with a very scary 4-1 scoreline. For Game 2, Leviathan did switch to Reindog to make use of that ally pull-in that, in theory, should allow batman to go for much harder pressure. Unfortunately for them, it was for naught as RoseJ and mirrorman looked impeccable.

Game 3 was looking like much of the same, but Synume and Leviathan looked focused and more open to using Reindog for a fight. But again, RoseJ and mirrorman were clean in their execution of the setups with their use of the Acme rocket and safe to force their opponents to stay off the stage and take more damage.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 8 Lower Quarter-Finals

As Cosolix said, it was a Brawlhalla team kill for the first quarter-finals lower bracket match of the night. Rexehh and Cosolix lined up to fight for their tournament life against T1FF4NY and Stahly. Game 1, without a doubt, went the way of Stahly's Superman, which was nothing short of incredible, snatching 2 of the KOs with style. Stahly once again popped off in game 2, getting an insane 2 KOs off-stage to bring his team and all but secure the win at that stage.

Right on the edge of a match-point loss, Cosolix and Rexehh were able to put together a great run in Game 3 to bring the series to a 2-1 and keep their dream alive. Unfortunately, in game 4, right as things were coming to a close, another accidental pause happened and triggered the forfeit of Cosolix and Rexehh, putting them out for contention right as they were being energized for the comeback. This meant Stahly and T1FF4NY were able to move on.

The second series was Leviathan and Synume, with Batman and Reindog facing Broskis and Oopstier on their Velma-Superman power duo. Unfortunately, the novel duo of Batman and Reindog proved too much for the old classic in games 1 and 2. Coming to the match-point, Broskis and Oopstier brought on the heat by ringing out Reindog twice within the first minute and then worked their way to a point in the scoreboard to bring the series to a 2-1.

The comeback would continue in Game 4 with a Broskis and Oopstier double kill to bring the series to a 2-2 and a magical game 5, and to the last stock with both teams sweating hard to get a spot, but for all their efforts, the Batman and Reindog were just enough to survive to the next round.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 8 Upper Finals

RoseJ and mirrorman, the last remaining Velma and Bugs Bunny masters in the upper side, were going to fight against arguably the fan favorites in the NAKAT and VoiD, who were still rocking their solid Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry team. Game one started with a KO against Velma for a quick advantage which soon after was equalized with a kill on Wonder Woman. Next, stocks would clean up things to bring a 2-2 stock situation with Tom & Jerry happily sitting at sub 50% to keep up the pressure on stage. But at the last chance, with 3-3 stocks on the line, NAKAT and VoiD were able to capture the Game 1 win.

Game 2 was almost wide open in the first few minutes when NAKAT and VoiD found themselves in the off-stage at high percentages, but they were able to bring themselves back into play to put the stocks even at 2-2. Pushing hard to the edge of the stage, they were able to tie up the 3-3 and hounded Velma to get the elusive 4th pick, but a loose sass bubble struck out Wonder Woman to bring the series to a 1-1 with the momentum in the favor of RoseJ and mirrorman.

With Game 3 RoseJ and mirrorman were able to perfect their match plan and took a victory to bring the series to a 2-1, though it was clear that NAKAT and VoiD had every chance to bring the game back in their favor, but Velma's megaphone proved vital to bringing in that damage and putting both Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry into the danger zone. Game 4 looked like a runback with RoseJ and mirrorman taking the advantage early and then closing it out in bombastic fashion.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Top 8 Lower Semis & Finals

With NAKAT and VoiD waiting, it was time t find out if the number 1 seed in the tournament, Leviathan and Synume would make it into the top 3 of the competition, but they first had t get past the peak of Superman and Velma team up in T1FF4NY and Stahly. Both teams had the core idea of using their projectile character to open opportunities for their rushdown to bring in the KOs. Not even 30 seconds into Game 1, Synume and Leviathan, with their Batman and Reindog, were able to secure the first stock on Superman on the back of an off-stage spike, followed up by another on Velma and then two more one right after the other to grab Game 1.

By Game 2, Leviathan and Synume were on their rhythm, identifying Stahly's Superman as a weakness when focused hard, giving them the opportunity to stack up early KOs and then opening up the Velma to damage. The theory would be reinforced again in Game 3, as Reindog lasered in on Superman, and like a dog with a Kryptonite horn, he built up the damage just enough to secure a KO. Even with a mid-game recovery, Stahly and T1FF4NY were not able to bring a point in the series.

The Loser Finals was then going to be an interesting match-up, as there would be no Velma, Superman, or Bugs Bunny, which had been featured extensively so far in the bracket. Instead, NAKAT and Void ran their Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry mix while Leviathan and Synume continued their working team of Batman and Reindog. Game 1 brought in the action as both teams looked to isolate their opponent's supports to secure quick stocks. At 3-3 stocks with VoiD headed off stage and almost out, he managed to get back in, but the damage was done. Synume and Leviathan took the first game of the series.

Counter picking with Sky Arena without platform NAKAT and VoiD were looking to bring the series to a 1-1 but were instead put on a 2-0 stock situation on account of Reindog's tether, but they were able to rally back in to win the next 4 stocks back to back to tie the series proper. For Game 3, the tie would turn again. This time it was on the back of Reindog being able to put on enough damage unto Tom & Jerry to keep him off stage and likely to ring out. Game 4 brought the competition closed with a 2-2 and a down to the tether end. Game 5 then, the all-for-nothing with NAKAt and VoiD taking the dub and getting themselves to Grand Finals.

Evo 2022 MultiVersus 2v2: Grand Finals

Coming into the grand finals with both teams ready. Game 1 went the way of NAKAT and VoiD thanks to a much-improved target focus that led to an early 2-0 stock advantage on the back of great off-stage pickups. For Game 2, RoseJ and mirrorman choose to go on a stage with platforms that extend off the stage to help combat that unrelenting pressure.

Despite their best efforts, NAKAT and VoiD would still be able to cover the early game with another 2-0 stock lead that forced them to play far more aggressive than they felt they should to bring it back even but it was not enough, in a match point situation NAKAT was able to bring his Wonder Woman to the edge and KO Bugs Bunny out. As Game 3 was starting to look like a change in momentum NAKAT and VoiD were able to bring it back and win the series 3-0 to get the bracket reset!

Game 1 of the reset saw NAKAT and VoiD taking the iniciative to put on over 50% damage down to Velma and then the first stock against Bugs Bunny while getting a trade for pulling the game to a 2-1. After another strike out for Velma off the stage and a quick upper ring out for Tom & Jerry the game came to the last stock with, once again, NAKAT and VoiD taking the game, a 4 game streak thus far.

For Game 2, it was time for a change on the side of RoseJ and mirrorman, as they swapped out the Velma for an Arya Stark to open up opportunities to armor break Wonder Woman's pressure which showed up right at the start of the game but as quickly as it came, NAKAT adapted his Wonder Woman gameplay to fit the new fast-paced high damage gameplay and brought the series up to a 2-2 stock and then closing out the game, again. It was now, 5 wins in a row. One more win would seal the deal for NAKAT and VoiD, and so it would, with a Game 6 being just a formality with NAKAT totally popping off with Wonder Woman to put the finishing touches on a masterpiece of a bracket.

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