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DreamHack Dallas 2024 Pools Summed Up

Elizbar Ramazashvili
1 min

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DreamHack Dallas 2024 Pools Summed Up
Incredibly competitive event is coming up

DreamHack Dallas 2024 is almost upon us, and it promises to be an incredibly stacked event. It serves as a qualifier for the Esports World Cup, so top players from around the world are attending it. A fighting game wiki editor and Liquipedia reviewer, Incross, combed through all the pools and made a list of notable players in each of them, and it looks like total carnage. Take a look:

Region Players
Pool 1 Punk, Higuchi, Snake Eyez, Zaf, Gorou, Mopuulapo, Chato.
Pool 2 Problem X, Xiaohai, Nemo, Space Boy, JOE UMEROGAN, AzisSensei, Squall, BSIDA.
Pool 3 DCQ, Sayff, Ajax Fidelity, Sako, Samurai, Stealth, Perfect Legend.
Pool 4 NuckleDu, Rainpro, Fenritti, Jiewa, PRBalrog, GentlemanThief, Kevin Teque.
Pool 5 gachikun, Leshar, DespairKing, vWsym, theforce90, Sami, Mr-MadGear, Mr Morton.
Pool 6 AngryBird, Mizuha, ElChakotay, iDom, Ice, Semiij, Riddles, DeathN0te.
Pool 7 MenaRD, Pugera, NoahTheProdigy, Julio Fuentes, Hamad, Narukami, Snapplecap, Alpho King, Duston.
Pool 8 Chris Wong, Nauman, KAMI, FlashMetroid, Greasy Feet, Melbu.
Pool 9 Kawano, Caba, Shine, Psycho, Kite, Jazdero, walnutcon.
Pool 10 JB, Nephew, Shuto, FluxWavez, z_xiri, Itachislegacy, Moe, Sherryjenix.
Pool 11 EndingWalker, Oil King, KUSANAGI, Chris T, Armperor, GranTODAKAI, Marv.EX.
Pool 12 Fuudo, Dual Kevin, GO1, MOTHMAN, Paladin, Mono, Ramsaur, Kizzie Kay.
Pool 13 Lexx, Humanbomb, Phenom, ACQUA, MJ_Gama, Book, HawaiianShirtMan.
Pool 14 NL, Kilzyou, Crossover, Daikoku, Coosco, Triumph, Inconsiderate Raccoon, Pokchop.
Pool 15 Big Bird, Mister Crimson, Uriel Velorio, Naji, JUNINHO-RAS, K-Brad, Fatality, The_Tormentor.
Pool 16 HotDog29, Zhen, Ryusei, JAK, Joey, Docta Afrikan, Jahzz0, FRANK LOTION.

For our eye, pools 6 and 15 look especially spicy, so let's wait and see who goes through and who goes home.

Once again, full credit goes to Incross for assembling this list.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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