CEO 2022 Happens in June Having 18 Games

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CEO 2022 Happens in June Having 18 Games
Pic Source: Alex Jebailey on Twitter
It’s just a powerful excitement to see fighting game championships gathering players offline again.

Community Effort Orlando is definitely one of the events we look forward to in 2022. It is still quite a long time till the championships start, but the organizers have already revealed the date and the exact place. What about registering for the tourneys and probably planning your journey?

Here is the tweet from the official CEO account:

According to Alex Jebailey, founder and CEO of… you know, CEO, there was an “instant sellout” for the previous event. So, it might be a good idea to not postpone the registration, purchases, and bookings.

Having 18 games at CEO 2022 sounds like a special celebration for the fighting games community. It's significant progress since 3 games of CEO Online 2020 and even 9 main and 6 side tournaments of CEO 2021.

To remind yourself of the atmosphere, let’s take a look at this Official Recap Video.

The wait for CEO 2022 will not be that long if you get involved in other fighting games events. For example, Combo Breaker starts on March 27.