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CEOtaku VII Stream Schedule (and Controversy)

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CEOtaku VII Stream Schedule (and Controversy)
Pic Source: CEOGaming
It’s one of the biggest fighting esports events throughout the rest of 2023

We discovered the dates and locations of CEOtaku back in January — thanks to a tweet by Alex Jebailey. So, the event takes place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort, Florida, on September 22-24. But what about more details? Where will the tournaments be streamed?

The official stream schedule has been revealed by the CEOGaming social account, alongside the schedule for community tournaments.

What’s the controversy here? Well, let the fire burn…

The whole idea of CEOtaku and the thing that makes it different from the other event by the same organizer, CEO, is creating a space for anime games to shine. They state it clearly on the official start.gg page.

So, this anime convention gives more spotlight to Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1. Than many other, actual anime fighting games. The community is not happy about this.

Here is a comment that nicely reflects the criticism:

Sure, SF6 and MK1 are the biggest fighting games at the moment (even if Mortal Kombat at CEOtaku does not have too many attendees, according to the most recent stats). Tournament organizers just have to focus on these titles — to satisfy the community’s interest and let their business work.

Here are responses from the organizers:

What do you think, guys? Should CEOtaku be fair to the anime roots, or is following market trends more important? It would be interesting to know your opinion in the comments.

We at DashFight love fighting games in general and will be following CEOtaku tournaments with great interest — regardless of the drama. Stay tuned to us for more info on this event and many other fighting esports tournaments.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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