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Bryan Fury Tekken 8 Guide by Ty

Bryan Fury Tekken 8 Guide by Ty

Elizbar Ramazashvili
3 min
Guide by Ty

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Tekken 8 is upon us, and as always, we love to collaborate with the pro players for the character guides. Today, we have Ty teaching us how to be the counter-hitting machine as Bryan Fury!


Bryan has traditionally been a defensive, keepout, counterhit-based character. He remains as such in Tekken 8, but he has a plethora of new, aggressive options in his repertoire. So he’s better played at range two, heavily utilizing his longer-ranged moves. He’s a very hard character to contest at mid-range.

Best Buttons

  • 1 – a really good jab. Lots of range, and the extensions are really good.

  • df2 – great poke at i13.

  • d2 – i14, your go-to mid poke with df2. Do keep extensions in mind, like d2,3.

  • db3 – your go-to high-crushing low.

  • d4 – standing low, fast, 0 on hit.

  • qcb3 – his famous hatchet kick. Great range, great tracking.

  • b1 – great mid, +4 on block.

  • qcb1 –  even better high, +5 on block. Great range, and very fast recovery on whiffs.


  • 1,4 – 10 frames.

  • 2,3 – 10 frames.

  • df2,1 – 13 frames.

  • uf2 – 13 frames.

  • fb2 – 14 frames.

  • WS4 – 11 frames.

  • WS3 – 12 frames.

  • FC df2,1 – 13 frames.

  • WS1 – 15 frames.

  • WS2 – 19 frames.


  • 1,2,4 – Heat engager.

  • qcf1+2 – another Heat engager, also a wallsplat.


Set up Bryan’s offense by utilizing his plus moves, while trying to have your opponent press into you. When using your pokes, try to get an understanding of how your opponent reacts to your moves. It’s one of the key things when it comes to utilizing his toolset properly. You’re giving your opponent a reason to press buttons, and then you’re punishing them for it.


  • FB2, F1+2, 1, b3,f24, dash b3f21

  • WS1, B21,f24, Dash B3f21

  • U4, DB2, 1, B21,F24 dash b3f21

  • F41, DB2, 1, B21,F24, dash b3f21

  • CH B1, Db2, 1, b21,f24, dash b3f21

  • CH 3+4, db2, 1, b21,f24, dash b3f21

  • CH F3, SSR Db2, 1, b21,f24, dash b3f21

  • CH QCB1, Dash db2, 1, b21,f24

  • FB2, F1+2, 1, B3f21, dash 2+3,  b3f1+2, qcf1+2

  • 1+2,1, uf2223

  • FB2, F1+2, 1, B3f24, dash 2+3, b3,f1+2, uf2223


Bryan still remains a very solid mid-range, keepout, counterhit character he’s always been. Lots of CH options, very high damage, strong Oki, nice whiff punishment. He’s a great all-arounder. Pressure is his weak point, both exerting and dealing with it. Recommended for patient players, who don’t mind waiting for their opportunity to then capitalize on it.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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