Brawlhalla Team Champions of Spring 2022

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Brawlhalla Team Champions of Spring 2022
The Doubles section of the Spring Championship 2022 is over, and we have lots of excellent 2v2 matches to enjoy.

Team competition when four players fight simultaneously on one stage is an exclusive feature of platformer fighters. And such tournaments have a very special flavor — the participants should adjust their behavior and add some interesting techniques, such as hitting a teammate to help them reach the platform.

Doubles matches of Brawlhalla tournaments are in a way more chaotic than Singles ones. Do you enjoy such an esports show?

The Spring Championship 2022 started with these 2v2 matches. Teams gathered online in the traditional five regions. Let’s check out the streams and results!

Australia | Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2022, Doubles

Doggo & Elsom had pretty tough matches against Ket & Rygunduz. First, these teams played in the Winners Final, and Doggo / Elsom fell into the Losers bracket. They defeated Amayze & Goddess to proceed to the Grand Final, reset it, and win the tournament in the last round. Congratulations!

It’s the second big victory for Doggo & Elsom in 2022 — they also are winners of the Winter Championship 2022 in Australia.

Southeast Asia | Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2022, Doubles

The team of himwy & sire was super powerful during this event. They defeated GTG / DolaN 3:0 in the Winners Semi-Final and then had 3:1 matches against Reaper / Vortex in the Winners Final and Grand Final. Congratulations!

It’s a step up for the guys after their 2nd place at the Winter Championship.

Europe | Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2022, Doubles

Swata & Godly are two of the best European players, and they proved such status at this tournament. They got a bitter 0:3 loss from Fozey & simpLe in the Winner Semi-Final and had to take a longer path through the Losers Bracket. But after defeating the same opponents 3:1, Swata & Godly proceeded to the Grand Final. They reset the bracket in a very tough match vs acno? & Blaze, 3:2. And then Swata & Godly won the Grand Final Reset and the whole tournament 3:1. Congratulations!

We see some team changes here. Swata played with TM. at the SteelSeries Invitational (they finished 2nd) and the Winter Championship (5th). Godly had simpLe as a teammate, and they finished 9th and 2nd at the same tournaments.

South America | Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2022, Doubles

The main fight in this region was between teams Power Ranger / Wes and SAC / Kyna. They met in the Winners Final, and Power Ranger / Wes lost 2:3. In the Losers Bracket, they defeated Fien / yuz for the second time in the Top 8 part. And then Power Ranger & Wes found their game in the Grand Final. They reset the bracket 3:1 and then won the last match 3:0. Congratulations!

Power Ranger / Wes are also the winners of the Brawlhalla 2022 Winter Championship in their region.

North America | Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2022, Doubles

Snowy & Boomie had a tough match against Pugsy & luna in the Winners Semi-Final, 3:2. And after that victory, they had a complete disaster of a Winners Final, 0:3. But can that stop dedicated players with competitive spirit? They managed to defeat Cody Travis / Phazon with another 3:2 in the Top 8 and proceed to the Grand Final to play daw & pier again. Two confident 3:1 victories, and we congratulate Brawlhalla Spring Champions in North America!

These players finished 3rd at the Winter Championship.

Do you like playing in a team? Have you seen an unusual team format of the Crew Battle Invitational?

Classic fighting 1v1 matches might be even tougher as there is no teammate to save the day. It will be interesting to see what Top teams are capable of as individual brawlers — the Singles section of Brawlhalla Spring Championship is planned for May 6-8.

Spring in Brawlhalla is not only about the esports competition but also about cool cosmetic items of Bloomhalla 2022. Have you got some?