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Brawlhalla Prize Pool is the Biggest at Dreamhack San Diego

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Brawlhalla Prize Pools are the Biggest at Dreamhack San Diego
Pic Source: dreamhack.com
What part of the pot do the Top players/teams get?

Money is a significant moving power in every esports, including fighting games. Bigger prize pools attract more viewers (and then more sponsors for future events). Decent rewards motivate players to polish their skills and thus make tournaments more spectacular and bring even more viewers and sponsors. It’s absolutely great to see how fighting esports slowly breaks the low-prize-pools reputation. Some notable breakthroughs are $2M for Capcom Pro Tour 2022 and around $1M for a few latest Brawlhalla Esports Years.

Brawlhalla is a very interesting case in general. The game remains somewhat niche for the genre, but thanks to its monetization scheme, it can offer really impressive prize money.

Recently, the official Twitter account shared some numbers. How much do top participants get at Brawlhalla Dreamhack tournaments? Let’s take a look.

It would be interesting to compare that to the situation with other titles at Dreamhack San Diego (yep, we are well aware they are not officially sponsored, but still).

  • Brawlhalla gives 5 times more money than GG Strive and SSBU; almost 18 times more than Tekken 7, SF5, and KOF XV.
  • The winning team of Brawlhalla Doubles gets 9 times more than the whole prize pool of Smash Doubles.

Here is a picture that nicely reflects the situation:

We at DashFight don’t like comparing fighting games, as we prefer competition within a title. So, these numbers rather demonstrate the level for the industry to strive to. And perhaps, we will motivate someone to grab their controller and dive into the Brawlhalla fun.

Dreamhack San Diego is planned for April 7-9

And another very interesting tournament is right around the corner — Brawlhalla Winter Royale Invitational is on March 10-11.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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