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Brawlhalla Esports Moonlit: Stardome Series #2 Results

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Brawlhalla Esports Moonlit: Stardome Series #2 Results
Pic Source: MoonlitEsports on Twitch
1v1 and 2v2 tournaments in the USA East

Moonlit Knights is a pretty big esports organization that focuses on supporting Brawlhalla and MiltiVersus players. Some of the names under its umbrella are Wess, Snowy, Fiend, and yüz, the World Champion.

While South American players competed in the tournaments Brawltalha #49 / Sábrawldo #77, their US-E “colleagues” had fights within the event Moonlit: Stardome Series #2, organized by Moonlit Knights. Let’s check out the results and take a look at the characters in use.

Brawlhalla 2v2 Esports | Moonlit: Stardome Series #2

Mowgli / BalloonBoy had a very confident run in the Top 8 part. The team defeated paris / meow, anime / Maid, and Starlit | HYBRID / woolala.

Moonlit: Stardome Series #2 | Doubles Results

  • 1. Mowgli / BalloonBoy
  • 2. Starlit | HYBRID / woolala
  • 3. anime / Maid
  • 4. flower / STING RAY
  • 5. paris / meow
  • 5. Marckiemoo / BubbleGuppie56
  • 7. Tofuhh / Astra
  • 7. Hydra / Net?

Brawlhalla 1v1 Esports | Moonlit: Stardome Series #2

TruckStopBurrito brought Patrick Star to the Semi-Final vs Guichabou but lost game 1 and switched to other skins/characters. Eventually, the player won that match. Still, in the Winners Final, even taking three Legends to three games did not help TruckStopBurrito win even one of them.

Anonymous Alex played Mecha Teros throughout the Top 8 part. The player won the Semi and the Winners Final. The Grand Final was close but not as successful for Anonymous Alex — Guichabou on Lin Fei reset the brackets.

In the decisive match, Anonymous Alex did not let that happen again (even close) — the player got a clear 3:0 victory.

Moonlit: Stardome Series #2 | Singles Results

  • 1. Anonymous Alex — Teros
  • 2. Guichabou — Lin Fei, Loki
  • 3. TruckStopBurrito — Teros, Ulgrim, Onyx, Ulgrim, Mordex, Loki
  • 4. Monihalla — Jaeyun, Onyx
  • 5. Starlit | HYBRID — Sir Roland, 
  • 5. DarkNova — Sidra
  • 7. cHuT — Sidra
  • 7. flower — Yumiko

Another interesting Brawlhalla community tournament in North America happened around a week ago — Moose Wars: Moosemas.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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