Are You Ready for Omega Rugal Challenge in KOF XV

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Are You Ready for Omega Rugal Challenge in KOF XV
Omega Rugal joins the fight, and it’s a great opportunity for the players to test their skills.

The King of Fighters XV follows the path of many great games and regularly releases fresh content. If you enjoy these fights, you get new exciting reasons to grab the controller and play a match or two.

The next such splash of activity in KOF XV is planned for April 14 — Omega Rugal joins the game as free DLC. And together with the character, the players get a new mode, Boss Challenge

Not only does Kof XV give us a new fighter to try something fresh in the familiar environment, but also it invites players to a mission with rewards. If you join this Boss Challenge (and obviously win the fight), you will get the Omega Armor skin for Omega Rugal.

Of course, there are a few days before Omega Rugal is available in KOF XV. But we remind you that (and ourselves) a bit earlier because it’s quite a time to get prepared. Even if you don’t play this fighting game regularly, you might be interested in practicing for a while to enter this Boss Challenge in your full power.

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