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Lee Chaolan Tekken 8 Guide

All You Need To Know About Lee Chaolan: DashFight Tekken 8 Guide

Elizbar Ramazashvili
3 min

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  1. Table of Content

  2. Final Thoughts

Lee Chaolan is a very execution-intensive character in Tekken 8, but he’s essentially built to have as many tools to counter the aggressive but inaccurate play as possible. As he is a counterhit-based character, he excels at punishing those whiffs or mistimed mashes. He has various launchers, counterhits are the name of the game. Learning your matchups to know when to press your buttons can and will benefit you on any character, but Lee Chaolan is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this.

Best Moves

  • df1 – it’s a bog-standard mid check, but as he has fast punishes, this is something you should utilize heavily. .

  • d3 – Lee’s CH launcher. It goes under some jabs, and you can mix up while crouching..

  • f,N,df3+4 – slide with a ridiculous range. Do not attempt up close because the frames are bad. But the farther you are, the safer it is..

  • ff3 – nothing special by itself, just a heat engager. However, gives you a full combo on Heat dash.

  • b4 – probably Lee’s most famous move. A counterhit launcher that knocks down during  crouch, and the range is very good.

  • 4,4,4 – his new 11-frame punish that goes into Heat. Especially good near the walls as it can splat.

  • df4,4 – particularly good whiff-punisher, as it’s confirmable into various things.

  • b1,1,2 – used to be 15 frames, now it’s 14. More damage, more range. But keep in mind that it starts with a high.

  • df2 – a generic and safe df2, still one of Lee Chaolan’s best moves.

  • f3 – his machinegun kicks, a 15-frame launcher from very far away.

  • WS4 – leads you into the Hitman stance for more mixups.


When you're playing Lee, knowing when and how to kick off your offense is key. Ff3 is solid because it's got range, and enemies will try to neutralize it. That's when you whip out b4. If they're dodging sideways a lot, throw in b,b4 and 1+2 because those moves track. Keep them guessing with slide threats and mix it up when you're crouching.

If you're not feeling like taking wild gambles, stick to poking a bunch and keep those sidesteps in mind.

Now, for defense, Lee's got some good moves. His backdash is sweet, and he has many counterhits up his sleeve. When they slip up, hit them hard with 2,3.


  • uf4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f,n,b ws2,3 bb4 ff3

Wall Combos

  • f2,1 df1 f4:1 HMS u4 UB3

  • f2,1 f4,1 df3,2,3

  • f2,1 df1 f4,1 b4 d3

  • df2 4u3 f4:1 HMS u4 UB3

Heat Combos

  • ws2,3 Burst d,db4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f f2,1

  • ff3 Heat dash bb4 d,db4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f b2f f2,1

Final Thoughts

In Tekken 8, counterhits are the name of the game since everyone's getting more aggressive. Lee's all about that life. He's leveled up big time from the last game, no doubt about it. But hey, watch out for those risky lows he's got in his arsenal.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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