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All Street Fighter 6 Achievements

Sebastian Quintanilla
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All Street Fighter 6 Achievements
And how to get them!

Street Fighter 6 features over 40 achievements. All of these you can get without too many issues as none of them are tied to any particular story paths or difficulty levels. In fact, if you play all SF6 game modes, you are likely to earn all of them. Each achievement is tied to one of the game's modes, meaning you will need to play all three to complete your hunt. 

World Tour Achievements

Achievement Description
Leaving the Nest Finish the World Tour Tutorial
Actions Speak Louder Break something with a Master Action
At Journey's End Finish the World Tour Story
Ha-dough-ken Finish any World Tour side-quest
Mastery's Bond Get 100 Bonding points with any Master
Neighborhood Peacekeeper Complete 22 side-quests in the World Tour

Although it will take you a full campaing of the World Tour, all six achievements are fairly easy to get. To reach 100 Bonding points you will need to give gifts to the Masters, and by doing that, you will also eventually unlock their master action, allowing you to complete Actions Speak Louder.

Fighting Ground Achievements

Achievement Description
Taking Initiative Play the Tutorial
Fighters’ Codex Watch a character Guide
Talent of the Valiant Play the Arcade Mode
Fighting Fledgling Play the Training Mode
Practical Training Complete the 45 Combo Training
The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles Play in 100 Fighting Ground Matches

The Fighting Grounds mode is the offline Arcade mode of Street Fighter 6, allowing you to practice each character, including ingame guides. If you are a completionist, Fighting Grounds will be one of the easier modes to complete, with only The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles testing your commitment for 100 fights.

Battle hub Achievements

Achievement Description
Get Your Game Face On! Create your Battle Hub Avatar
So This is the Battle Hub… Enter the Battle Hub
My Title, My Life Get a Title
First Encounters Play a Battle Hub match
Entranced by Battle Watch a Battle Hub match
Coolheaded Analysis Watch a Replay
There’s Always Time for Training! Play 30 Battle Hub matches
Veteran of Battle Play 100 Battle Hub matches
King of the Ring Win 30 Battle Hub matches
Jungle-Sized Surprise Play an Extreme Battle
Combat Analysis Watch an Extreme Battle
Extreme Combat Training Play 20 Extreme Battles
Over the Top Victory Win 20 Extreme Battles
Becoming the Avatar Play an Avatar Battle
Watching Gets Me PUMPED! Watch an Avatar Battle
Fixin’ for a Fight Play 20 Avatar Battles
The Struggle Over Self Win 20 Avatar Battles
Kickin’ it Old School Play a Classic Game
Classic Leaderboard Champ Play the Ranking Challenge
Gazing at the Peak Play in a Tournament
Steely Determination Play 5 Tournaments
Dominating like a Ninja Win 10 Tournaments
Joining the Pack Make a Friend
Welcome to the Stable Create or Join a Battle Hub Club
Up on the Big Screen Watch the Jumbotron
Fashion Leader Change an Outfit
Pleased to Meet You! Use the Battle Hub chat
Let the Praise Become Your Muscle Have a "Nice" fan (likes)
Gotta be Popular! Uwo! Have 200 "Nice" fans
Spirit of Encouragement Have 600 "Nice" fans
Ready to Dance? Play a song at the DJ booth
  • Avatar Battles happen in the middle of the Battle Hub arena.
  • Extreme Battles have extra rules and gimmicks agreed upon prior to the start of the match.
  • New Titles can be earned by completing matches, and training.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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