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All Grandblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Characters

All Grandblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Characters - Old and New

Sebastian Quintanilla
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These are all the characters that will be available at release for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is releasing soon on December 14th. Within, there will be several characters making their way back into this sequel, plus a few more new faces and even some cross-franchise characters. Here, you can find each of these characters' stories in the run-up to the release of GBFVR.

Returning Granblue Fantasy Versus Characters

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Katalina Character Trailer | PS4


A while ago, Katalina was pretty loyal to the Erste Empire. As an imperial knight, she even became a lieutenant. But then, one mission ruined her career — for good.

Katalina had to guard a girl with the amazing ability to control primal beasts, Lyria. The Empire wanted to conduct thorough research and cruel experiments and then use their results (and probably Lyria herself) for some evil purposes. That did not look fair for Katalina, and she abandoned her military post and became a bodyguard and a friend for Lyria.

Katalina helped Lyria escape the Empire. In fact, she organized this operation. The girls met Gran, and thus their wonderful adventure began…


This tiny girl is actually a noble warrior, a captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights. Charlotta just belongs to a different race, Harvin. Having a height of around 90 cm is normal for her people.

Charlotta sincerely dedicates herself to training and self-improvement. She wants to be the best to protect her friends. And thanks to her good nature, many people become close to Charlotta.

In their story adventure, GranLyria, and Katalina meet Charlotta at some point. They combine efforts in the battle against evil forces. The huge sword of Charlotta may be really helpful in this journey.


A while ago, Percival was a knight in the Order of White Dragons of Feendrache Kingdom — together with Lancelot, his good friend. They both studied the warrior art and had the same master to guide them.

During that time, Percival was named the Lord of Flames. The source of such a title is quite obvious, as the guy fights with a unique longsword. Not only is his weapon dangerous with its physical qualities, but it also creates magic flames to burn impudent opponents.

Percival reached amazing heights of mastery as a knight. And when it felt like he had nothing to learn, the guy decided to follow another dream, quite an unusual one.

In the vast world of floating islands, Percival wants to build cities and create countries, making them perfect for inhabitants. To do so, he has to accumulate knowledge and expand his horizons on how cities and states are organized. 

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Character trailer (Ladiva)


This mighty lady belongs to the Draph race, which explains her appearance. Beyond that look, you will find a loving heart and a caring personality. Ladiva is passionate about bringing the beauty of love into this world. She does this as a star of Jewel Resort Casino Liner — and her performances are admired by many visitors.

Ladiva devotes her all to the scene and to her fans. She spreads compassion and wants to teach people how to love. Her heart is pure, and everyone around feels that.

In Granblue Fantasy Versus, Ladiva was suddenly possessed by an evil spirit. She thought that Gran and Katalina wanted to disturb people at the resort, sending annoying Katalina-robots all over the place. She became a boss and was defeated by the heroes — that helped Ladiva come to her senses. 


Vira's story is a tale of devotion turned dark. Once a respected knight in the Erste Empire's Imperial Army, her encounter with the primal beast Luminiera instigated an obsession that would dictate the course of her life. Her journey to Knights' Island marked a pivotal moment where her admiration for one woman, Katalina, deepened into a consuming fixation.

This obsession is the linchpin of her actions, driving her towards a path of corruption and manic pursuit of power, provided by her pact with Luminiera. The once noble knight has become a tragic figure, emblematic of the danger in allowing passion to eclipse reason, and the profound cost of power unchecked by moral bounds.


Beelzebub, an ancient being of immense power, is one of the Astrals who once invaded the Sky Realm. His origins trace back thousands of years, long before the tumultuous times of the War that shook the realms. Known for his fearsome presence and formidable abilities, Beelzebub's tale is one of ambition and relentless pursuit of supremacy.

His overwhelming power and ambitions eventually led to his sealing within the depths of Pandemonium, a place known for containing threats too great to be left unchecked. Here, Beelzebub lay in a forced slumber, a dormant terror awaiting the day of his awakening.

This day arrived when the fallen angel Belial, driven by his own cryptic motives, released Beelzebub from his chains. This act of liberation set into motion a series of events that would once again stir the balance of power within the realms. Freed from his confinement, Beelzebub's obsession with becoming the supreme being reignited with fervor.

He wields chaos matter, a rare and potent substance capable of slaying immortals. This dangerous element underlines his formidable nature and the serious threat he poses to all beings, mortal and divine. At Beelzebub's command is Avatar, a terrifying manifestation of destruction itself. This entity serves as a testament to Beelzebub's immense power and his control over the forces of annihilation.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - DLC Character Trailer (Belial)


Belial is a complex and enigmatic character in the Granblue Fantasy universe. He is known for his cunning and manipulative nature, often playing both sides of a conflict to achieve his mysterious goals. Belial is a fallen angel cast out of the heavens for his rebellious nature and has since become a master of deception and trickery.

In Granblue Fantasy Versus RisingBelial's story is further explored as he becomes a central figure in the conflict between the Astrals and the crew of the Grandcypher. His true motives are shrouded in secrecy, and his actions often leave others questioning where his loyalties truly lie.

Despite his villainous reputation, Belial is a charismatic and charming figure who is not above forming temporary alliances with the game's protagonists when it suits his purposes.

Avatar Belial

Once an alluring fallen angel who tempted mortals, Belial's unquenchable thirst for power led him down a darker path. After wresting the almighty Versus Core from Beelzebub and plunging it into his own flesh, Belial transformed into the fearsome Avatar Belial. Now infused with the amplified abilities of a deity, this all-consuming villain wields devastating attacks channeled from his extrasensory eyes and corrupted wings.

Blinded by unlimited divine power, Avatar Belial marches steadily toward his sole obsession - the resurrection of his creator, Lucilius. With decay overtaking his crumbling form, Avatar Belial turns his wrath against the skies themselves, obliterating all who oppose his nihilistic vision. His powers intensified beyond control, this once-seductive manipulator openly brandishes unlimited chaos and destruction.


A long time ago, before the war between Sky Dwellers and AstralsCagliostro used to be an ordinary, sick little boy on the brink of death. With help from her younger sister, Cagliostro tirelessly looked for ways to overcome her weakness and ultimately become stronger. After many failed attempts, Cagliostro managed to create a new female body for herself and transfer her soul into it. But Cagliostro did not stop and continued to hone her technique, eventually founding the Alchemy as a practice. 

Though Cagliostro taught her younger sister the ways of alchemy and continued her research with her aid, the sibling was not as interested in immortality as Cagliostro was. Eventually, she chose a simple life with her husband and children. In return for years of help, Cagliostro bought a whole island for her sister to live in peace till the end of her days, where she was at some point put to rest. 

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - DLC Character Trailer (Djeeta)


Djeeta gets a mysterious letter from her father to come find him in the enigmatic Estalucia island. Determined to meet him, Djeeta sets off and is joined by a band of companions to travel the skies with their trusty Airship. Djeeta is an honest person who cannot bear to see others in danger and in need. She bravely comes to the aid of all those who require it.

Djeeta is a friendly and carefree person who loves to have fun. She seeks her father, but is always available to have a good time. She gets into bets, loves to shop, and practices her swordplay which is rough, but effective. 


Metera has always been a free spirit. Born as an Erune, her family has the sacred duty of protecting a shrine with a malevolent spirit within. This did not suit Metera who would rather be free to travel the world…and that is exactly what she did. Now free of her post, she wanders from place to place in search of adventure and fun. 

With her unerring aim and the power of flight, she believes there is nowhere she can’t go and nothing she can’t do. Metera is a free spirit who will go where the winds lead. This makes her seem unreliable, however, as long as she is focused on something, you can be rest assured that she will give it her all. 


Lancelot has always had a love for his homeland, Feendrache. This love motivates him to do everything to defend his land. When his nation was in turmoil, Lancelot was there to pick up his sword(s) and fight. Since then, he has been the leader of the Order of the White Dragons. 

With them, he defends Feendrache from the skies and travels around leading his crew and searching for the true meaning of leadership.

Lancelot is a serious character with impeccable fighting skills. He loves his swords and fights with two of them. Strong, bold, noble, and fierce, Lancelot is a model leader for his men. However, underneath his focused and organized leadership, hides a slob who cannot seem to make his personal life, or space anything as organized as his professional life.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Character trailer (Lowain)


Along with his brothers Elsam and Tomoi, Lowain has spent most of his life from place to place, working simple jobs. While working at a restaurant, he came across Katalina, and so, he and his brothers joined her crew as cooks. 

An easygoing fellow, along with his brothers, he takes on a laissez-faire attitude to work, though now, as part of the Gran crew, he has taken up more responsibilities as one of the cooks. A free-going soul. Lowain spends little time worrying about the future or ambitions. Once he came across Katalina, he decided to follow her lead and become skyfaring chef.


Ferry, once a resident of a mist-shrouded isle, turned ethereal after her passing, a spirit along with her companions that now roam the world in search of her sister. In waiting for her younger sister’s return, Ferry passed away and became a spirit alongside her ghostly companions, Beppo, Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and later on joined by Momo. Asked by Gran and Lyria, she finally moved on to search for her sibling.

A commanding figure, in part due to her pack of spectral companions, which she fights with. She is kind-hearted, though not above berating her opponents prior to a fight. She is also protective of her friends.


The primal beast hunter Zeta, a fearsome fighter who bonded with the Spear of Arvess. She serves her duty alongside Vaseraga. Zeta works as part of an organization tasked with hunting primal beasts. To do this, she formed a contract with a spear weapon called Arvess. She is partnered with Vaseraga, another member of this society, as the two go on a hunt.

Zeta is an upbeat and cheery person, although she can be quite stubborn, especially when working alongside Vaseraga. Although she does not underestimate her opponents, she clearly has rarely meet an equal in battle, and thus she projects confidence in every fight.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Character trailer (Vaseraga)


Weilder of Gynoth, a great scythe, Vaseraga is part of an organization that seeks out and hunts primal beasts alongside Zeta. A towering figure with an even more imposing Scythe. Vaseraga is a member of a society that hunts down primal beasts, doing so in pairs with Zeta by his side. Like other hunters, he has made a contract with his weapon, Grynoth. 

A quiet, but strong-willed fighter. Due to his lack of pain, he is, without a doubt, a fearsome and capable warrior on raw strength alone. Perhaps as a result of his painless life, he is deeply interested in body augmentation, all in the search to better his fighting abilities.


Zooey, while looking like a plain and ordinary girl, is a manifestation of the primal that’s tasked to keep the balance of all things – Grand Order. She’s supposed to be impartial, infallible, and quick to deliver her judgment, but her love for mortals is threatening to cloud her judgment.

Being an arbiter doesn’t hinder her from enjoying small things in life, like eating good pies, or watching the sunset on board Grandcypher.

In spite of her being a supremely powerful being, she behaves just like she looks – an ordinary girl. She’s filled with ever-burning curiosity towards all the things new, and she’s taken a liking to more casual mortal activities, like eating pies.


Narmaya is a singularly powerful swordmaster, dedicated to honing her skill above all else. Her mastery of the katana is so finely honed that even the gods are sure to take notice of her eventually. Following her family traditions, she’s imbuing her sword with magic and using it to a deadly degree.

After her fated meeting with the captain of the Grandcypher, her priorities change somewhat. While still dedicated to honing her skills, she’s also much more focused on taking care of everyone she loves.

Narmaya is extremely caring and doting to everyone she adores, especially the captain of the Grandcypher and any kids. Some may perceive her as overbearing, but she doesn’t mind as long as everyone is safe. The well-being of her parents is also something she constantly thinks about.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - DLC Character Trailer (Soriz)


Soriz is a brave warrior who once tried to learn a weapon only to realize that the best weapon is his hands. His fists always strive for greatness, and despite his not young age, Soriz trained his body to be the dominant force. He is the Macho Ultimatum to this world!

Soriz is a stoic character who works hard for self-improvement and expects nothing less than perfection from himself. Yet his nature is problematic for those around him, especially if they are not busy evading his fists.


To learn the fighter's craft for no good reason was not the way for Anre. Because he hates unjustified violence, this Harvin male established Eternals, a crew of ten masters of different weapons. Fights are bad, but when you have to fight, you better be prepared!

Anre is a peace-loving character who only fights when he has to. Unfortunately for him, evil always finds its way to strike, so his spear skills are often needed. Anre also hates unkempt facial hair; that's why his moustache is always in perfect form!


Those who deeply know the war don't speak highly of it. Working for the Society, Eustace held nothing personal to his missions, looking to finish them in the most effective way. Longing for peace, sometimes you must get your hands dirty.

What can you expect of a professional? Few words and much action. Eustace is an efficient and unstoppable machine. When he is not on a mission, you may see his care for dogs, even though his love is not always mutual.


Right now, Seox is an Eternal and the master of the claw, but what do we know about the past of the person hiding behind the mask? His past wasn't all bright and beautiful; he had taken many lives, but now he looks forward to saving lives and using his mastery for a good cause.

Seox is a character who has been in some tough situations. That's why he tries to cover his true feelings under the mask. When he does not have it on, Seox is timid and nervous.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising - Anila Gameplay Trailer

Grandblue Fantasy Versus: Rising New Characters


Anila is one of the twelve Divine Generals who protect the Sheep Shrine and South-Southwest. Though Anila's future has been decided since birth, she gladly accepts it for the greater good and to protect her people and her family. Anila's role goes hand in hand with loneliness to a certain extent, but she still hopes to live with her family and friends one day.

Anila, as a Divine General, is highly disciplined with a strong sense of justice. Though she usually bears herself with dignity, she's still but a teenager with a sincere desire to live a life of a regular person in the future.


Recruited by King Josef into the Royal Knights of Feendrache, Siegfried grew in reputation and eventually was entrusted to be one of the commanders in the Fafnir Suppression Force alongside Gunther and Hagen. In the middle of the battle against the dragon, Hagen tries to fulfill his malicious plot to have the other two knights slain and steal the glory. However, Siegfried sacrificed himself to defeat Fafnir but survived by drinking the dragon's blood. He detained Hagen and returned to Feendrache victorious. Siegfried became known as Dragonslayer and was promoted to king's bodyguard. Later, the Royal Knights were reorganized into the Order of the Black Dragons, with Siegfried as their captain.


Born in a family of powerful mages, Nier spent her whole childhood striving for acceptance. While her sister's magical prowess shined, Nier lacked magical talent, and her parents and their servants distanced themselves from the girl. In the act of desperation, Nier entered her family's forbidden archive, looking for a solution to her problems. There, she found a sealed magical tome with spells to control the life itself, along with a card. Nier tried to master those spells and even made a demonstration to her parents, looking for approval, but they banished her and locked her up in an underground cell for touching the forbidden knowledge.


Grimnir is a Primal beast of Wind, a so-called “Mad Cyclone.” He is the disciple of the ultimate ruler of the wind, the primarch Raphael. His upbringing and nature lend to him being a supremely powerful being, but at the same time, he’s not always behaving according to the situation – his exuberance and petulance play tricks on him. Still, Grimnir, being a free spirit, doesn’t let that bring him down.

Grimnir is utterly fascinated with the mortal culture and tries to present himself as the pinnacle of eloquence, but oftentimes, he goes way overboard and lands himself in lots of misunderstandings. Still, he has a heart of gold, and spirit as free as four winds.

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