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9 Characters That Shouldn’t Return To Street Fighter

Femi Famutimi
6 min

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9 Characters That Shouldn’t Return To Street Fighter
We don't want to see these characters again

Street Fighter now has over 100 characters over its run of over 30 years and many of them are quite memorable including the original world warriors like Ryu, Ken, and Chun li. 

That said, there have also been some characters that are not as well regarded both from a story and a playstyle perspective. With season 2 on the horizon, there are some characters that everyone is clamoring for, but on the flipside, there are others who people never want to see again. 


The Aztec warrior was a new addition to Street Fighter V. His feral visage with his flowing hair, bulging biceps and ferocious face, made him an impressive figure to gaze upon. 

Also, he was well promoted before the launch of the game, but fans were disappointed as he was written rather badly and with all his setup, barely made an impact on the Street Fighter V plot. 

It also didn’t help that he was a lower-mid tier character at best and so he will be considered one of the more disappointing villains in Street Fighter history. With all that, there’s no one who would shed tears if he was left out of season 2 of Street Fighter 6. 

El Fuerte

The Mexican warrior is one that fans will not remember fondly. Introduced in Street Fighter 4, he was a chef who traveled the world looking to perfect his cooking and lucha libre skills. 

Why do people not like El Fuerte? Well, it’s simple: he’s pretty annoying. His character doesn’t really do anything in the story, but it is in his fighting that his ability to get on people’s nerves shines through. He is first of all a grappler, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he also lurches from side to side on the screen making him difficult to pin down. He won’t be missed. 


The chinese assassin was the replacement for Sagat in Street Fighter V after the latter had turned a new leaf and left Shadaloo. For FANG, the problem had a lot to do with his design which some believed was subpar.

However, a bigger reason why FANG doesn’t have many fans is because of who he was replacing. Sagat was a great antagonist and was for the most part well written with a compelling story. But FANG never feels that way. 

His playstyle was also a sticking point for people as he was a low tier character who relied heavily on damaging his opponents ever so slowly with poison. 


Remy was a character added to the roster in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. A young savateur from France, he fought to seek revenge against his father who abandoned his family years ago. 

Remy wasn’t very popular with fans for a couple of reasons: firstly, his story did not add up as he is described as someone who abhors fighting since this was what led his father to leave. Secondly, his moveset was very similar to Guile’s and with nothing new to add from both a story and gameplay perspective, he isn’t someone many people want back. 


Abigail comes from Final Fight, but unlike Cody, Guy, and Sodom, who fans seem to have developed a love for, Abigail isn’t well regarded by many members of the Street Fighter community. 

This has a lot to do with his story which really makes no sense. In Street Fighter V, he gets into fights mostly due to weird misunderstandings that seem conveniently contrived. 

Also, his size makes him a very distracting opponent to fight against. All this meant that most people were happy to see that back of him at the end of Street Fighter V. 


Falke was one of the newer characters introduced in Street Fighter V alongside Ed. The latter is in Street Fighter 6 and has received a glow up that has made fans sit up and take notice. 

It is hard to see the same with Falke who while a decent character, suffers from a very generic design that means she doesn’t stand out in the least. Coupled with a niche playstyle that only very few players could master meant that she was never really one of the top characters in the game. Based on this, fans will probably want her slot to go to someone else. 

Evil Ryu/Kage

Evil Ryu was an absolute beast in Street Fighter IV while Kage, who is the personification of the Satsui no Hado, was a good character in Street Fighter V. 

However, the problem with bringing any of these characters back is how they just don’t fit into the story anymore. Evil Ryu was relevant because Ryu struggled with the dark side and even when he was able to get the Satsui no Hado out of him, Kage was born. But, by the end of SFV, Kage had vanished as he found he could no longer victimize Ryu. 

Therefore, they are essentially dead and bringing them back would be a bad idea. 


The Russian freedom fighter was a character added in Street Fighter III: New Generation as one of the names to replace the world warriors. He was a character who had suffered in the hands of the secret society led by Gill. 

Playstyle-wise, he was a mix between Dhalsim and Blanka and this made him  really difficult to use. Also, his design is weird and it reminds the player of Voldo from Soulcalibur. On top of that, he had a decent ending to his story as he escaped imprisonment with his girlfriend, Effie, in tow. It would be a shame if he had to return to the struggle. 


Nash was a military man and the one responsible for teaching Guile his sonic boom. Nash was a really cool character that first appeared in the Alpha games. His backstory is tragic as he was betrayed and then killed by men he thought were his comrades. 

He was brought back in Street Fighter V where he eventually sacrificed himself to take down Bison and bring down Shadaloo. Nash is an amazing character, but for the sake of the lore, he should stay dead and not return to Street Fighter 6. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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