5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Tekken 7 in 2022

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With the current variety of fighting games, it might be not enough to hear — that one is great, you should play it. So, why Tekken 7?

Delving into a fighting game should be a thoughtful decision. It is one thing to mess with it for a while, just mashing buttons and trying out hilarious combos. It is a totally different dimension when you want to actually get better at it and really feel the excitement. Time and effort are needed for this. Are you ready to invest them in learning/playing Tekken 7?

The same is pretty much true even if you already know how to play this game. Is it still worth spending your time and putting your effort into mastering characters and practicing difficult matchups?

Why should you play Tekken 7 in 2022? DashFight has five reasons for this! Here is a new video on our YouTube channel all about them. Please, check it out!

Why You Should be Playing Tekken 7 in 2022

Guys, are these reasons good enough for you? Would you like something else — to motivate other members of the FGC?

Please, let us know through the comments to this video!

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