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Jason Voorhees
Last updated :Jun 14, 2024

Jason Voorhees

The horror icon steps into the multiverse, seeking his next victim, towering over those around him as the force of nature he is.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 3

  • Weight: 8

  • Damage: 7

  • Ranged: 4

  • Support: 2

Patch Notes


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.
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Jason Voorhees' tragic story begins at Camp Crystal Lake, where he was a young boy attending summer camp. Born with physical deformities, Jason was often ridiculed and bullied by the other children. One fateful day, while the camp counselors were distracted, Jason was thrown into the lake by the other campers and drowned. His mother, Pamela Voorhees, devastated by the loss of her only son, went on a vengeful killing spree, blaming the negligent counselors for Jason's death.

Years later, it is revealed that Jason somehow survived and lived in the woods near the camp, becoming a vengeful, undead killer. Driven by the desire to avenge his mother's death, Jason returns to Camp Crystal Lake, where he embarks on a relentless killing spree against anyone who trespasses on his territory. His story is one of endless revenge, an unstoppable force of nature that cannot be reasoned with or stopped, that has now entered the Multiverse.


Jason Voorhees is a silent, unstoppable force of nature. Emotionless and relentless, he is driven solely by an insatiable desire for vengeance. Jason does not speak and shows no empathy or remorse for his actions. His only goal is to punish those who come to Camp Crystal Lake, driven by a twisted sense of justice for the wrongs he suffered as a child.


Jason's special passive ability is that he is immune to knockback while he has gray health, which is attained by using his neutral special and converting damage taken into it. Much of his kit is focused on both sustaining damage and also dishing it out with charge attacks.


Jason is instantly recognizable by his iconic hockey mask, which hides his deformed face. He wears tattered, weathered clothing, often a work shirt and pants, that emphasize his rugged and monstrous nature. Jason's hulking, imposing physique, combined with his mask and silent demeanor, make him a terrifying figure, embodying the essence of a relentless slasher villain.

Key Information

Type: Tank

Style: Horizontal

Debut: 1980

Franchise: Friday the 13th

Availability: Launch, May 28th

Cost: 1250 Gleamium, 6000 Fighter Tokens