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Melty Blood: Type Lumina

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Mash Kyrielight
Melty Blood: Type Lumina
Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Mash Kyrielight

This young girl has been fused with a Spirit, so she is a Demi-Servant now. Mash helps Team A in their mission to restore humanity. In the matches of Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Mash Kyrielight is a rushdown character with solid melee tools. Her forward movements give players a special advantage.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 6

  • Defense: 5

  • Range: 4

  • Difficulty: 4

  • Movement: 6


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.



This girl comes from a parallel dimension, and her primary mission is to restore humanity. 

To be precise, Mash Kyrielight is not fully a human being. She is part of Chaldea Security Organization, and at some point, Mash was fused with Heroic Spirit Galahad. In addition to this, the girl herself was created artificially — through editing the genetic code.

The whole experiment of merging a human and a Heroic Spirit was rather brutal and against the laws. Even Mash, a specially prepared vessel, wasn’t able to handle this intrusion properly. Galahad couldn’t fully awake but also could not leave the body without killing Mash. So, he remains inside in the same not-awakened state. 

Although Mash does not have the full power of a Demi-Servant, she becomes very useful for the Masters of Team A and especially for Ritsuka Fujimaru. Mash helps summon Servants and successfully accomplish the team’s goals.


Those who created Mash wanted her to be personality-less, kind of a blank tool to take a Heroic Spirit into her body. This idea totally fell apart as Mash Kyrielight started learning how to express her opinions and affections. She is certainly not a robot but a kind, loving person.

Mash spends lots of time inside a laboratory, and therefore, she doesn’t have much direct experience with the outside world. Still, her knowledge of various things is extensive — thanks to her healthy curiosity. 

When Mash is on a mission with Team A, she tries to be as helpful as possible. The girl felt bad for not unleashing the max power. But then, she has discovered her true strengths and properly understood her role in the team.

A huge chunk of Mash’s personality is about deep feelings for Ritsuka Fujimaru, her Master. May this be love?


As a fighting game character, Mash Kyrielight is a typical rushdown. Her melee options are rather straightforward, providing the players with reliable pressure. Mass Movement is her strength, as the girl can quickly approach her opponents.

Despite having good close- and mid-range tools, Mash somewhat struggles from their slow speed. Her ranged attacks are limited.


Mash Kyrielight is a pretty young girl with bright pink hair. She wears an extremely short black mini-dress, which highlights her physical beauty well — and obviously doesn’t interfere in battles. A huge shield is a necessary part of Mash's appearance.

Key Information

Species: Demi-Servant, Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 18” (158cm)

Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)

Origin: Chaldea

Age: 16

Alignment: Lawful Good

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