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Melty Blood: Type Lumina

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Melty Blood: Type Lumina
Melty Blood: Type Lumina


Kohaku is one of the Tohno family's maids. Like her sister Hisui, she assists the family in all sorts of matters, including protecting Shiki.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 8

  • Defense: 3

  • Range: 7

  • Difficulty: 4

  • Movement: 6


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Kohaku is one of the many maids of the Tohno family and one of the six heroines of the Tsukihime series, including one of the original five. Her medical and pharmaceutical expertise lends to her tending to Shiki when he falls ill, as well as assisting Akiha day to day.


Kohaku is a cheerful lady, happy to help and assist those around her. She contrasts her sister Hisui’s rather shy and introverted personality with an outgoing and cheerful attitude. She might sometimes come across as naive, although that is not the case. Funnily enough, the sisters are not too fond of each other.


Kohaku is a solid character for those who like to have big strong normals. Although the major weakness of these is just how much meter she needs to put up a good amount of damage into her opponents. Nevertheless, her pressure can help frame-trap opponents from a great distance.


Like other Tohno maids, Kohaku features a long black dress, a white apron, and a dark blue hair bow. Hohaku’s eyes are a light brown, contrary to Hisui’s jade-like color.

Key Information

Species: Human

Gender: Femlae

Height: 5' 11'' (156cm)

Weight: 43kg (99lbs)

Origin: Japan

Age: 16

Alignment: True Neutral

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