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Melty Blood: Type Lumina

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Dead Apostle Noel
Melty Blood: Type Lumina
Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Dead Apostle Noel

Dead Apostle Noel is High Church Executor Noel turned into a vampire, a playable character in MELTY BLOOD: Type Lumina coming from Tsukihime Remake series.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 8

  • Defense: 6

  • Range: 9

  • Difficulty: 7

  • Movement: 7




Dead Apostle Noel is a vampire version of High Church Executor Noel, who eventually turned into something she fought for years.

During the massacre in Noel's hometown, the night Roa and other vampires and their thralls slaughtered everyone except her and Ciel, the boy Noel liked as a girl, used her as bait to escape the surrounding undead. This betrayal left a deep scar in Noel's soul, which later grew into hatred towards Shiki Tohno as he reminded her of this boy. While fighting vampires, Noel also despised Ciel, her partner, and teacher, for being immortal, as in Noel's eyes, it made her a monster as good as vampires. 

With all this hatred towards people close to her, her heavy inferiority complex, and a twisted pleasure she found in torturing newborn and weaker vampires, Noel required all but a little push to awaken the dark side of her personality in full. And even if she feared becoming a Dead Apostle herself after Vlov Arkhangel bit her, all these atrocities she committed looking for some redemption, and all the hatred deep inside her, eventually led her to a transformation into a Dead Apostle with the help of Dr. Arach. All her sadistic proclivities now were directed toward Shiki and Ciel as she attempted to use Mystic Eyes of Roses on them and eventually nearly killed them.  


As it's been told, Noel's sadistic tendencies and cruelty became absolute after her transformation into a Dead Apostle. She's driven by deep traumas from the past and wants to punish anyone she thinks is responsible for her suffering, which appears to be Ciel and Shiki. Despite telling them she wants to kill only for the fun of it, it is the hatred that leads her and a crooked desire for revenge.


After becoming a vampire, Noel turned into her fourteen-year-old self as she was happier and at her strongest back then. Her brown hair turned magenta, and her eyes became crimson. Her church uniform changed into a sleeveless coat held by a bow around the collar, with a corset underneath, heels, and stockings on her legs. 


Dead Apostle Noel is a very mobile zoner character who relies on projectiles and traps to deal damage and keep the opponent away. Her movement and long air dash are extraordinary, as she can weave in and out without being caught and punish almost any stray incoming attacks. However, her ground normals are not so great, and damage is relatively low, so she's forced to commit in full with special attacks, which can be punished easily if guessed right.

Key information

Species: Dead Apostle

Gender: Female

Height: 143cm

Weight: 35kg

Origin: France

Age: 27

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Natural Enemy

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