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Melty Blood: Type Lumina

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Akiha Tohno
Melty Blood: Type Lumina
Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Akiha Tohno

Akiha Tohno is the younger sister of Shiki and the head of the Tohno family and a student of the elite Asagami Private Girls Academy.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 6

  • Defense: 5

  • Range: 8

  • Difficulty: 6

  • Movement: 4


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Akiha Tohno is the younger sister of Shiki and the head of the Tohno family, and a student of the elite Asagami Private Girls Academy. Akiha was born into the prestigious Tohno family and lived a sheltered childhood under the supervision of her father, Makihisa Tohno, and was seldom allowed to go outside the mansion to play. She was also afraid of her brother SHIKI because of his strange behavior. When Shiki Nanaya was adopted into the family, she disliked him at the start because he had the same name as her brother. One day Shiki took her hand and invited her to play with him and SHIKI and Hisui, the other children at the mansion. Thanks to Shiki, she was able to experience at least some visibility of the joys of childhood. Unfortunately, not soon afterward, Shiki was nearly fatally wounded in an accident and was sent by Makihisa to live with the ArimasAkiha tried to visit Shiki several times early on, but a lot of circumstances prevented their meeting. Akiha became the head of the Tohno household after the death of Makihisa and called Shiki back to live at the Tohno family mansion with her.


Akiha is very protective of Shiki. The constant supervision by her sometimes bears hard on him. But she watches over him because she worries so much about him. When they played outside, and her real brother SHIKI inverted to his non-human form, lost control of himself, and attempted to attack Akiha, Shiki jumped in the way to protect her and took the full force of the attack. Shiki died protecting Akiha, but Akiha used powers granted to her by her non-human blood to give him half of her life, allowing him to survive.

Due to this accident, she needs twice the amount of heat of an average person because she is supporting both her own life and Shiki's. She can take this heat in through various ways, even by simply absorbing their body heat through contact, but the most efficient method is by drinking fresh blood. Akiha often experiences attacks of intense pain that can last from a few minutes to several hours because of the strain on her body. But she bears them bravely, knowing that it is all for her beloved brother.


Akiha is a character who succeeds in locking the opponent down and punishing them with extended combos and setplay.

Akiha’s ability to get her game running off a single knockdown is incredibly strong, having the ability to choose between her varied types of setups. Option coverage, mixup, or just hard numbers into a safe jump, she can pick and choose according to the situation.

All of Akiha's throw-type moves give her some recoverable HP, giving her the potential to score the highest effective HP of any character in the game should she manage to get heat off.


Akiha wears the standard Asagami Private Girls Academy uniform. Her casual clothes contain a white shirt with a red ribbon on the necktie and a long red skirt with knee-high brown lace-up boots underneath (which oddly are replaced with socks and slip-on formal shoes in her Melty Blood sprites). She has long black hair (that turns red in her Crimson Red Vermillion form) decorated with a white hairband.

Key Information:

Species: Half-Demon

Gender: Female

Height: 160cm

Weight: 45kg

Age: 18

Origin: Japan

Alignment: Unknown

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