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General RAAM
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct

General RAAM

General RAAM comes from the shooter game series Gears of War. He is a brave warrior, ruthless to his enemies. RAAM joins the roster of Killer Instinct to prove to everyone what real power is. The guy is a strong grappler with immense physical strength and some interesting tricks in the pocket.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Defense: 6

  • Mobility: 3

  • Range: 2




RAAM begins his military career during the Lambent war. His species, Locust, live underground, in the Hollow. They start suffering from a dreadful infection that turns them into mutants, named Lambent. The queen of Locust, Myrrah, initiates the war — and the end of it is nowhere to be seen.

First, RAAM fights as a foot soldier, a Drone. He differs quite a lot, though, thanks to his impressive height and strength. But most importantly, he proves his exceptional intelligence. Such warriors quickly get new positions in the army. RAAM reaches the high level of a General.

The intelligence of RAAM allows him to think outside of the box and see things others totally ignore. At some point, he understands that the Lambent war is pointless. Lambents infect new creatures, and Locusts need innovative ideas to survive. RAAM starts thinking about leaving the Hollow and occupying the planet’s surface.

Yeah, humans live out there. For RAAM, it does not look like an obstacle. First, humans are weaker physically. RAAM can tear apart the best human soldiers with his bare hands. And also, humans tend to fight each other, starting wars between their countries — the society of Locusts doesn’t have this stupid weakness. The victory of his species looks obvious for RAAM, and he puts all the effort necessary to convince everyone and start the invasion.

Alas, RAAM can’t know how stubborn humans can be. Elite soldiers unite to fight against this new threat. As a powerful villain, General RAAM participates in many battles, but he has no chance. In his games, human warriors are the main protagonists, so they win eventually.

General RAAM is a villain from the shooting series Gears of War. He was added to Killer Instinct as a guest character in Season 3.


It’s easy to see General RAAM as a cruel villain, ready for any evil action just for destruction itself. In fact, the situation with the guy is a bit different. Yeah, he is evil, alright — if you look at him as human soldiers in Gears of War. For the Locust people, RAAM is a proper hero who tries to save their civilization.

The personality of this dude reflects his role in the Locust society. RAAM is rather calm and totally dedicated to his goal. His anger on the battlefield is dictated by the war's needs. Otherwise, he is a clever guy, able to make necessary connections among the top-level hierarchy of Locusts and convince everyone around to follow his leadership and pursue his ideas.

The intelligence of RAAM has a dark side — it leads to arrogance. Not only does he despise humans, but also RAAM thinks he’s better than Locusts. This is a fatal mistake…


Just look at the size of this character, and you’ll get the general idea of his playstyle. RAAM is a big and very strong grappler. His neutrals are powerful and have a pretty decent range. The footsies game of RAAM is just great as he effectively controls the space around him. Command Throws enhance the domination of RAAM and lead to very significant damage.

At the same time, the Locust general is slow. Only his dashes give a proper speed on the ground. The same is true about his attacks — you should heavily rely on defense and feel the moments to get offensive. The combo potential of General RAAM is not impressive, but still, he deals good damage even without that.


General RAAM looks like all the other Drones of Locust, but he is significantly bigger and obviously stronger. RAAM always wears his heavy armor and carries his huge combat knife. Bat-like creatures Krylls surround RAAM as an alive protecting cloud.

This guy has a very effective villain appearance. You might notice glimpses of pure evil in those reptilian eyes.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Underground of the planet Sera

Height: 10' / 304.8 cm

Weight: Unknown

Race: Locust

Weapon: Combat Knife and Krylls (bat-like creatures)

Fighting Style: Hardcore Grappler

Original games: Gears of War

Debut: Killer Instinct Season 3, March 29, 2016

Availability: DLC Character

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