Unlock the $100 prize. Join the giveaway!

Hey fighters! In honor of DashFight’s launch, we invite you to participate in our giveaway and win an Amazon gift card.

How to win

  • Make simple actions

    Start completing your daily entries to win this neat little package. The more entries you do, the higher your chances to win one of ten Amazon gift cards ($100 for the winner and $50 for 9 lucky participants).

  • Provide some details

    If it’s your first giveaway here, sign up to DashFight. We’ll reach out to explain how to receive your prize after the giveaway.

  • win amazon gift cards

    Hold your breath—the luckiest ten will be announced after the giveaway is over. The randomizer will do it's best, so if you see your name and avatar—congrats you win!

Giveaway rules