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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


Many thousands of years after his fellow Astrals were vanquished, Beelzebub has embarked on a solo campaign to conquer every planet across all universes and bring them under his sovereign command.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 9

  • Defense: 6

  • Range: 8

  • Mobility: 4

  • Difficulty: 7




Beelzebub, an ancient being of immense power, is one of the Astrals who once invaded the Sky Realm. His origins trace back thousands of years, long before the tumultuous times of the War that shook the realms. Known for his fearsome presence and formidable abilities, Beelzebub's tale is one of ambition and relentless pursuit of supremacy. His overwhelming power and ambitions eventually led to his sealing within the depths of Pandemonium, a place known for containing threats too great to be left unchecked. Here, Beelzebub lay in a forced slumber, a dormant terror awaiting the day of his awakening.

This day arrived when the fallen angel Belial, driven by his own cryptic motives, released Beelzebub from his chains. This act of liberation set into motion a series of events that would once again stir the balance of power within the realms. Freed from his confinement, Beelzebub's obsession with becoming the supreme being reignited with fervor. He wields chaos matter, a rare and potent substance capable of slaying immortals. This dangerous element underlines his formidable nature and the serious threat he poses to all beings, mortal and divine. At Beelzebub's command is Avatar, a terrifying manifestation of destruction itself. This entity serves as a testament to Beelzebub's immense power and his control over the forces of annihilation.

Beelzebub's return marks a dire threat to the stability of the realms. Heroes, gods, and mortals alike must grapple with the reality of this resurrected power. His ambitions does not only challenge the physical realms but also the very fabric of moral and ethical boundaries, standing as a pivotal figure, with his dark shadow casting uncertainty and fear across the realms.


Beelzebub's personality is multifaceted, he harbors a grandiose vision where the Sky Realm, Astral Realm, and the Crimson Horizon are unified under his rule. He seeks to reshape these realms, melding them into a singular domain where he stands unrivaled, a godlike figure towering above all of creation, reflecting his complex history as an ancient Astral being. He possesses an aura of dark majesty, combining the commanding presence of a seasoned ruler with the menacing air of a creature born of chaos. His demeanor is imperious and confident, befitting someone who aspires to stand above all in creation. Beelzebub's character is often cold and calculating, exhibiting a sharp intelligence that allows him to manipulate situations and people to his advantage. Despite his fearsome appearance, there is a sense of disciplined control in his actions, indicative of a being who is patient yet relentless in his quest for supremacy.


Beelzebub is a versatile fighter who excels at controlling space and dictating the pace of the battle. He employs a hybrid approach that combines elements of zoning and pressure, allowing him to adapt fluidly to the state of the match. At mid to long-range, Beelzebub can apply safe pressure with a variety of projectiles and special attacks, forcing his opponents to engage on his terms. His zoning tools are designed to provoke mistakes, which he can then punish severely.

Beelzebub's win condition revolves around his ability to corner his adversaries, using his ranged attacks to chip away at their defenses and create openings for more devastating combos. His teleport move, Shadowstep, is a key component of his kit, enhancing his mobility and enabling him to maintain or escape pressure as the situation demands. This unpredictability makes him a slippery opponent to pin down.

Additionally, Beelzebub is equipped with an oppressive command grab that beats out opponents' mash attempts and can serve as a reversal option when he has the meter, adding a threatening layer to his close-quarters combat. His playstyle requires a strategic mindset, as players must not only master his range of attacks but also understand when to switch gears between an aggressive assault and a more measured, defensive posture.


Beelzebub's design is a striking blend of regality and infernal dread, intended to convey both his noble status among the Astrals and his fearsome power. His attire is a masterful fusion of dark, armored plating and mystical adornments, which highlight his otherworldly origin. The armor is primarily a deep, abyssal black with gold trim, suggesting a high rank and perhaps a touch of vanity regarding his appearance. It's both ornate and functional, with layered shoulder guards reinforcing his domineering presence.

His long, blonde hair cascades past his shoulders, transitioning from a shadowy base to a luminous gold, framing his face and adding a wild, untamed aspect to his appearance. This contrast of light and dark in his hair may symbolize the duality of his nature—both a being of ancient nobility and a harbinger of chaos. The bat-like wings that erupt from his back are as much a part of his attire as his armor. Massive, jagged, and intimidating, they reinforce his demonic aspect and the power he wields. The wings are not just for show; they are a visual cue to his ability to command the forces of destruction.

Beelzebub's ensemble is completed with protective yet flexible garments underneath the armor plates, allowing him agility and movement in combat. His boots are designed for battle, armored and ending in a pointed design, practical for both offense and defense. The overall impression is of a character who is not just a warrior, but a commander—one who is used to being obeyed and feared. His clothing is not just protective but is imbued with symbolic power, reflective of his status as an ancient entity with grand ambitions to mold the realms to his will.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 188 cm

Race: Astral

Hobbies: Games of strategy

Likes: His own pride, his own reflection

Dislikes: Any form of weakness

Debut Fighting Game: Granblue Fantasy Versus

Availability: Base game

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