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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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Avatar Belial
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Avatar Belial

Belials' transformed state after absorbing the immense energy of the Versus Core artifact. Overwhelmed with euphoric excitement at the prospect of widespread annihilation, Avatar Belial becomes completely unrestrained and detached from any sensation of injury or need for self-protection.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 10

  • Defense: 2

  • Range: 5

  • Mobility: 6

  • Difficulty: 7


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Once an alluring fallen angel who tempted mortals, Belial's unquenchable thirst for power led him down a darker path. After wresting the almighty Versus Core from Beelzebub and plunging it into his own flesh, Belial transformed into the fearsome Avatar Belial. Now infused with the amplified abilities of a deity, this all-consuming villain wields devastating attacks channeled from his extrasensory eyes and corrupted wings.

Blinded by unlimited divine power, Avatar Belial marches steadily toward his sole obsession - the resurrection of his creator, Lucilius. With decay overtaking his crumbling form, Avatar Belial turns his wrath against the skies themselves, obliterating all who oppose his nihilistic vision. His powers intensified beyond control, this once-seductive manipulator openly brandishes unlimited chaos and destruction.


Avatar Belial, is a complex character embodying mischief and ambition. As a fallen angel, he exudes a charismatic, playful demeanor, often cloaking his deeper, more sinister intentions. His obsession with resurrecting Lucilius reveals a single-minded dedication, overshadowing any moral constraints. This transformation into Avatar Belial amplifies his traits, intensifying his recklessness and thirst for power. He relishes in his newfound strength, yet his actions are tinged with a self-destructive impulse, indicating a disregard for his own wellbeing in pursuit of his goals. This blend of charisma, ambition, and recklessness defines Avatar Belial's captivating personality.


Avatar Belial stands as a quintessential high-risk, high-reward character. He is characterized by his rapid cooldowns and seemingly infinite combos, offset by the unique mechanic of depleting his own health to power his attacks. This design choice leads to a highly aggressive and dominant playstyle, counterbalanced by his inherent vulnerability.

Possessing slightly lower than average health at 9,000 and losing 500 health with each special move use, Avatar Belial exemplifies a character that thrives on building momentum. He excels in locking opponents in continuous block pressure and combo strings, rapidly gaining the upper hand. However, this aggressive approach comes with a caveat: a few missteps can be catastrophic due to his limited health pool.

His playstyle revolves around controlling space and punishing opponents with a mix of projectile and close-combat attacks. Critically, none of Avatar Belial's special moves have a cooldown between activations, enabling endless strings if the player risks the health cost. This affords overwhelming offensive pressure based on catching opponents off guard after zoning patterns. His playstyle epitomizes radically shifting tempo - patient and calculated one moment before explosive aggression the next. This makes him a character for players who enjoy a tactical, albeit aggressive, approach.

Overall, Avatar Belial emerges as a well-rounded, dynamic character with a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.


Avatar Belial presents a formidable presence, his form altered by the destructive forces he's harnessed. Prominent red horns protrude near his temples, arching forward above his head. His clothing is in ruins, and his once immaculate coat is now tattered and worn at the seams. The exposed skin through the torn fabric is marred with cracks across his arms and chest, radiating a sinister inner glow.

Four pairs of massive black wings emerge from his back, now devoid of feathers and culminating in fierce talons, hinting not at divinity but something more sinister. Chains, the only remnants of his previous grandeur, hang over his frame, now tarnished and showing signs of decay. His posture radiates threat more than grace, and his right eye darkened with a growing, wild rage.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 182 cm

Race: Primal Beast

Hobbies: Cilius

Likes: Love

Dislikes: Love

Debut Fighting Game: Granblue Fantasy Versus

Availability: Base game

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