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Andrew "Play_guy" Rojas is a Dragon Ball FighterZ player from the United States who has competed in tournaments such as:
  • 2021: City of Mayhem PS4 DBFZ Online Tourney, Combo Breaker 2021 - LKO Pop Up Tournaments (4th in BBCF & 9th in SFV), FGC MEETUPS #10 - SEPTEMBER 24 2021, Frosty Faustings XIII 2021 - Online, Galaxy Burst Series, GG Entertainment DBFZ Online PS4 Tournament #4 (2nd), Roundhouse 2021 (1st in DBFZ & 5th in BBCF), SALTY SHODOWN (1st), V-SHIFT: A GFUEL Tropical Rain Qualifier, Vortex Gallery 2021.
  • 2020: Downtown Beatdown Online, GG Entertainment DBFZ Online Playstation Tournament #2, Low Kick Online, Super Saturdays - February 2020 (3rd).