Ozone (White Girl 6 9)

  • Omar Qadah
  • USA

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Omar Qadah, also known as "Ozone" or "White Girl 6 9," is a Super Smash Bros player from Michigan, USA. He co-mains Duck Hunt and Banjo & Kazooie in Smash Ultimate.

Ozone is known for winning matches against the likes of Daybreak, Epic_Gabriel, and Myran among others. He garnered an honorable mention in the Michigan Ultimate Power Rankings and is a regular at Smashfield.

He also competed in ssbu singles and placed 5th at Paradigm Shift, 7th at Guardian I, 9th at Midwest Arena, 49th at Smash'N'Splash 5, 65th at Frostbite 2020, Super Smash Con 2019, 97th at EVO 2019, and 129th at The Big House 9.

Ozone ranked 65th at Glitch 8 - Missingno with a 60% set win rate after losing matches against Pelca and Phantom.

Check out his Twitch channel here.