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hazuremetal is a Tekken player from Japan who has participated in tournaments such as:

  • 2021: CHIKURIN CUP 2021 ONLINE (17th), EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia East (7th), ICFC TEKKEN ASIA SEASON 2 CHAMPIONSHIP (2nd), Red Bull 5G 2021 FIGHTING Qualifiers (13th), TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters (17th), TEPPAN CUP (7th), TOC Tayan CUP FINAL (5th), TOPANGA LEAGUE x TEKKEN7 Season 3 (33rd).
  • 2020: EVO Japan 2020 (49th), TOPANGA LEAGUE x TEKKEN7 Season 2 (9th). TEKKEN Online Challenge Japan (Open Tournament) (7th).
  • 2019: HAKAIOH YUYU CUP (9th), TOKYO TEKKEN MASTERS 2019 (9th).

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