What is DMZ Mode in Warzone 2.0? Explained

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What is DMZ Mode in Warzone 2.0? Explained
Warzone 2.0 is here

Before the year has ended, Call of Duty fans have experienced Modern Warfare 2 and now will get the most awaited title, Warzone 2.0. The experience with MW2 was mixed due to the crashing issues with the game, but we hope that Warzone 2.0 crashing is not a significant problem, as was in MW2. Warzone 2.0 brings a lot to the table, and one of the modes, in particular, seems to catch the attention of eager players. The DMZ mode takes inspiration from extraction games like Escape from Tarkov, and the mode will offer a PvPvE battle. Let’s take a closer look at what DMZ mode offers in Warzone 2.

Everything There Is To Know About DMZ Mode in Warzone 2.0

DMZ mode is what is termed a Supply Run, where you fill your backpack with arsenal and leave the site before you get killed. If you die, you lose everything you have. Besides trying to survive and make it out of the site, you also have objectives to complete, factions to join, and areas to uncover. 

Release Date for DMZ Mode

The DMZ Mode will be released during Warzone 2.0’s official launch and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 launch on November 16th. So far, DMZ mode is termed as a Beta launch, but it will feature almost everything that will be written in this article. DMZ mode will be free to play at launch, so players can look forward to it soon.

Where is DMZ Mode Located?

DMZ Mode will feature the Al Mazrah map, the same map that will be included in Warzone 2.0. It will be an open-world exploration, where you can head over to various points of interest to extract loot. But the map will start closing up during exfilling time, so you should keep an eye on your timer and head out before you get trapped.

What to Expect in DMZ Mode

DMZ Mode will feature three factions that you can join; The Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. You will first start with the Legion, and you can unlock the other factions after completing the faction missions and make your way up the ranks. 

Besides completing faction missions, you can also undertake Contracts and World Missions. Contracts can range between saving hostages, cargo delivery, securing intel, and many more. World missions are just side missions you can pick up on your Tac map, and they include securing enemy Strongholds, finding UAV towers, and more. 

But overall, your main objective is to gather loot. You will be supplied with a Backpack that will act as your inventory. Collect whatever you can while exploring Al Mazrah, and if you manage to survive till the exfil time, you can keep what you get for the next match. This is a great way to grind for weapons and blueprints early in the game to ensure that your survivability is high.

How does the Backpack Work in DMZ Mode

Your backpack is the inventory that you will carry with you on your journey through Al Mazrah. You can swap, remove, or add items that you find from it. Anything in your backpack that you successfully carry to the end of the game will show up in the game lobby under the Storage option before your next match. This is a great way to farm weapons and attachments to improve survivability in harsh desert terrain. 

About Enemy Operators and AI in DMZ Mode

Since DMZ is a PvPvE mode, you will encounter enemy Operators and AI guards. You can choose to play solo, duos, or trio. Friendly fire is not allowed between teammates, but you can negotiate and band up with other squads if you wish. If you are just starting, it is best to adjust with a team and make your way around the map. 

AI guards will be stationed in certain areas, where you have to find a key to make it past. Or you can engage in combat and take them down. You can make your choice however you see fit.

About Weapons in DMZ Mode

DMZ will offer contrabands that you can locate across the map. You can use these contraband weapons to survive. These weapons can have anywhere between 5 to no attachments, but you can swap them out if you find something better. You can also unlock weapon blueprints to use across game modes. 

Upon death, any contraband you have on your will be lost forever, and any weapon blueprint attached will be disabled for a duration of time. 

How to Avoid Death in DMZ Mode

There are two states for when you are weakened in a fight, downed state, and death. But in both, you can be revived if you are in a team. Death revival will take longer than a downed revival, so you should keep that in mind before you put yourself out there. Also, anything you carry in your Backpack will be lost when dead but can be picked up by teammates if in a squad or duos. Solo players, however, will have zero luck for someone saving them. 

How to Exfil in DMZ Mode

When you reach the end of the mode, there will be helicopters that will take you out of the site. They will appear at random, but not all of them will be a site for exfilling. You have to travel across the map to find the correct exfil site. 

You will also face threats while trying to get out. During your escape, you will be surrounded by AI guards who will try to take you down. You will also face environmental threats, like Sandstorms and Radioactive areas. If you get caught up in these, your health will deteriorate rapidly.

And with that, we will wrap up our guide on Warzone 2.0’s DMZ Mode. There is plenty more to be experienced when the game is out, so you should keep an eye out for it soon.

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