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What DF happened last week? Jan 31 - Feb 6

Alex Samonov
5 min

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What DF happened last week? Jan 31 - Feb 6
In case you were in coma for the last 7 days

You've spent the last week in the countryside without access to the internet? Or maybe you've been on vacation and had a good old social media detox? Well, anyway DashFight team got you covered because we gathered all the most notable stuff that happened in the FGC during the first week of February right here.

The King of Fighters XV DLC trailer

On February 1st SNK released The King of Fighters XV DLC trailer, revealing additional 12 characters that will join the main roster of the upcoming title in the first year of support. In addition to the base 39 characters, it might become quite hard to choose the one you want to stick with. Anyway, we will learn it soon enough since The King of Fighters XV will launch next week, on February 14th.


Combo Breaker returns

One of the biggest fighting game conventions in the world will most likely return very soon. A post with only a date and time was published on Combo Breaker's official Twitter on February 1, so it looks like we're expecting a huge announcement next week. 

Gen wins the Best esports player award

Japanese Tekken 7 prodigy Genki "Gen" Kumisaka has been picked as the Best esports player at New York Game Awards 2022, which took place on February,1. This was hardly a surprise since Gen notably won EVO 2021 Online - Asia East, Tekken Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters, and Red Bull Kumite 2021 - Las Vegas during the last year.

Capcom Cup replacement

Unfortunately, it will be the second year in a row without the biggest Street Fighter event, Capcom Cup. However, Capcom announced a Capcom Pro Tour Season Final, which will feature a 5v5 team battle with the best North American players and a series of exhibition matches between winners of each Capcom Pro Tour 2021 tournament. 

First victory for Baiken

Everyone's favorite one-handed samurai girl joined the Guilty Gear -STRIVE- roster a bit more than a week ago and already snatched the first tournament victory, in the skillful hands of Diaphone. With Baiken they won the Bamboo Battles PS4/PS5 section, showing what fresh character is capable of. 

Nice Fun Tournament

At the start of the week, the official Twitter account of Community Effort Orlando announced the next major CEO event will take place on June 24-25, 2022. However, it came out with kinda questionable advertising - a mention of "exclusive NFT" in the name of the event's launch trailer. The community mostly went along with the bait despite some individuals on Twitter reacting quite radically towards this kind of promotion. Anyway, Alex Jebailey, well, jebaited us once again and all we gonna have this June is a Nice Fun Tournament.

By the way, all the hotel bookings for the upcoming event were sold out in the first 18 minutes since registration opened.

ARCREVO America 2021 last qualifiers

Last Sunday we got our last two qualifiers for ARCREVO America 2021, from the West of the USA. Symbolist with his Happy Chaos came out victorious against Jonathan Tene and his Zato in the intense grand final sets, however, both players earned their right to take part in the main event, which will start on March 19, 2022. 

Street Fighter League: Pro-JP got a winner

Team V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z! (Tokido, Ryusei, Bonchan, Sako) took victory over Good8Squad (Kawano, Kichipa-mu, Gachikun, Pugera) in the Grand Finals of Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021. In the very last deciding set of the day, Tokido with Urien was victorious over Gachikun and his Rashid to bring his team a notable victory. 

Brawlhalla Winter Championship

Brawlhalla Winter Championship was concluded with 1v1 tournaments all over the world. Here're the winners from each region:

  • Australia - Kylar Alice
  • South America - Wesley "Wes" Jean
  • Southeast Asia - Jeffvinder "Tiger" Singh
  • Europe - Godly
  • North America - Snowy

By the way, earlier that week one of the most prolific North American players, Stephen "Sandstorm" Myers, announced that he'll be taking an indefinite break from competing in Brawlhalla after the Winter Championship. He finished 3rd in the 1v1 tournament, defeated by luna in Losers Finals.

This is it for the first week of February, with more coming this month for sure! Stay tuned to everything related to your favorite fighting games, players, events, and characters by following DashFight on Twitter and YouTube. See you next time! 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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