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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 5

2 min

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 5
To check out and download the mods, click the titles highlighted in red



This mod from Flech is slightly different from what we usually feature in these highlights. This is a moveset mod for Akuma which changes him to play more like Oni from Ultra Street Fighter IV. The moveset is not balanced to make Oni a competitive character and instead turns him into a menacing boss. If you wish to try him out, make sure to follow the instructions provided on the mod page.

It's also recommended that you get nicekun's amazing Oni model which you can find here.

Asuka Tekken 6 Outfit

A very small but nice mod from Robin that gives Asuka one of her fan favorite outfits from past Tekken titles. This outfit is a classic aikido gi with a flower design near Asuka's shoulder.

King of Fighters XV

Miriam mod for Elisabeth

From TheRessen comes a mod that changes Elisabeth to Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The Shardbringer from Koji Igarashi's spiritual sequel to Castlevania is a great fit for Elisabeth, both of them share a similar stance, demeanor, and even a taste in clothes.

Ultimate Robert Garcia

Calypso Dynamo has previosly blessed us with the Ultimate Wild Ambition Ryo and now brings us Ultimate Robert Garcia. This time around, the mod combines Robert designs from three different eras. The classic skin with the vest, Battle Coliseum version with the open shirt, and retains four different colors for KoFXV Robert.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

DMC5 Nero

The Ky modes are still going strong with yet another full conversion, this time to Nero from DMC5. JtheDuelist has once again done a fantastic and thorough job, creating a complex model and going as far as to give Nero his signature Red Queen sword.

Monsoon Axl

The Metal Gear Rising mods continue going strong. This time, ImmaFailure101 brings us a mod that converts Axl to Monsoon. Even the Axl's kusarigama are changed to Monsoon's sai with the slick purple glow effect.

Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney over Goldlewis

It's simply impossible not to include this mod on this week's highlight. You might not like it, but this is what peak modding looks like. The mod replaces Goldlewis with Pheonix Wright and his coffin with... Maya or Edgeworth, whichever you desire.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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