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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 4

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 4
To check out and download the mods, click the titles highlighted in red


Ryuji Goda

The final boss of Yakuza 2 can now test his mettle in the King of the Iron Fist tournament, thanks to DownBack2Action. Fitting for the Dragon of Kansai, this mod comes as Miguel replacement, as both of these characters are known for their brawling fighting style with rough but powerful strikes.

The mod comes with full voice replacement and three outfit options as well:

  1. Suit with a coat
  2. Suit without a coat
  3. Naked torso with the dragon tattoo

Moon Knight

Fans of Moon Knight comics and those who recently discovered him through the new Marvel TV show can now get more hands on with the character. Sanwalakram's latest mod adds a Moon Knight outfit for Armor King.

There's something very appropriate about being able to mooonsault your opponent as the Moon Knight.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Jon Talbain over Chipp

From Duust, comes an very unexpected mod that replaces Chipp with Jon Talbain from the Darkstalkers series. Despite being drastically different, both of them are high speed characters who boast mastery of martial arts, even sharing some of the visual similarity in their specials, making the change more appropriate than you might've expected.

The model itself is very detailed and comes as a faithful reimagining of Talbain in 3D, even featuring some face face animations.

Celty Sturluson as Testament

Want a bit more anime in your anime? Well, GoldenPrism15 has you covered with a mod that adds one of the main protagonists of Durarara! as a replacement for Testament. This fellow scythe user is a Dullahan that dons a skintight leather bike suit and a yellow bike helmet with cat ears that hides the lack of a real head. 

DMC3 Dante

JtheDuelist was featured last week with their excellent Shulk mod for Ky. This week they bring us Dante as a replacement for Happy Chaos. The gun-toting demon slayer fits great with HC's playstyle of constantly pressuring opponents with a barrage of bullets. It's almost a shame that Chaos doesn't have any sword attacks to make this mod even better.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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