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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 2

5 min

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 2
To check out and download the mods, click the titles highlighted in red

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Goku for Strive

The last week we opened up with a crazy mod from WistfulHopes that added Xrd's Sin Kiske to Strive. Without delay the mad genius cranked it up to 11 and added Goku. For obvious reasons this mod wasn't and will not be balanced around the rest of the cast, instead, it shows off the amazing possibility of adding a character from a completely different system.

Despite coming to Strive, Goku still moves at an insane speed, can execute massive combos, and he can make use of DBFZ mechanics like Vanish Attack or Super Dash. Same as last time, if you want to take Goku out for a spin and see how busted he is compared to Strive's roster, you will need to play with other people who have the mod and set up a player match.

Raiden Ky

This mod from ImmaFailure101 has been teased as a WIP and now finally has come out. As the title suggests, it's a full body replacement mod for Ky that makes him look like Raiden from the Metal Gear franchise, specifically from the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance spin-off.

It's hard to understate how great of a job ImmaFailure101 did with this. The amount of detail is through the roof and yet it's very stylized, fitting into Strive surprisingly well. They've also released version with Muramasa and one that just gives Ky the High-Frequency blade.

If you want to recreate the classic cyborg samurai duel from Revengeance, you should also check out Jetstream Nagoriyuki mod from Biggus Miggus.

Jiangshi Ram

This mod from Eljoseto reimagines Ramlethal as a Chinese hopping vapire, also known as jiangshi. While not entirely new, it's a SFW conversion of Eljoseto's more explicit mod that left little to imagination.

Considering that one of the author's previous mods turned Millia into Morrigan from Darkstalkers, it's safe to say that this mod is inspired by Hsien-Ko from that same series. 

King of Fighters XV

K9999 skin for Krohnen McDougall

When K9999 originally appeared in KoF2001, he instantly became a fan favorite. The character was an obvious love letter to Akira. From his outfit to his powers and mannerisms, K9999 had an abundance of similarities to Tetsuo Shima. Unfortunately, this similarity that everyone loved was also the reason that the character was eventually removed from the series and replaced by Nameless.

Due to this, nobody expected him to return in KoFXV but SNK pulled quite a creative workaround by essentially reintroducing K9999 as Krohnen. Naturally, a mod that would make him look closer to the original was much desired ever since the character reveal.

Thanks to great amount of effort from Remy2FANG, this mod is now a reality and it looks amazing. Remy2FANG has done an incredibly thorough job. This mod offers 2 different hairstyles, the classic outfit complete with a new cape, and most amazingly, it replaces the Krohnen's mechanic arm super with a mess of sprawling flesh, an effect more similar to K9999.

Elisabeth KoF XI Costume

Continuing the trend of characters getting their old costumes back, we have a mod from Haise Sasaki that gives Elisabeth her outfit from KoF XI. While her XV redesign is excellent, this slick and straightforward classic outfit still looks good.

Better Icons

This mod from M-AS is simple yet incredibly impactful. Those familiar with SNK older titles are probably used to the ABCD button layouts, which were eventually replaced with LP/HP/LK/HK to more closely represent what they do (for example, now it's Heaky Kick instead of D). Despite that, many people still prefer the older style of buttons, and ABCD is most often used in notations.

Now you can finally have ABCD back, but that's not all. M-AS went a step further and replaced some in-game icons with much more understandable ones.

Tekken 7

Claudio as Karmain from Lost Ark

It's not every day that we get a mod from nicekun792, one of the most talented and prolific Tekken modders. This time he brings us one of the main antagonists of Lost Ark, Kharmine, as a mod for Claudio.

The quality of work is as always, top-notch. You can check out the extreme amount of polish and detail on display in nicekun792's video:

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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