Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 11

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 11
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Infinite Blood Eclipse

Berserk fans, assemble! This mod from The FURY gives Infinite Azure stage a rather sinister makeover that makes it resemble the infamous eclipse. If you want to add a bit more visual variety to the roster of Tekken 7 stages or prefer something a bit more edgy, this is a mod for you.

Jun Kazama Face Mod for Asuka

With Jun's daughter already in the game and Tekken 7 no longer receiving updates, it's pretty obvious that it will be a long time before we get to see or play her again. However, this little mod from Ultraboy can at least soften the blow by replacing Asuka's face with that of Jun's, specifically her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 appearance.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Jack-O Valentine over Android 21(Lab)

In some of the previous weekly highlights, we've had DBFZ crossover into Guilty Gear -Strive- and now the tables have turned. Thanks to a mod from AlvaroTuKiko, Labcoat 21 now spots a detailed recreation of Jack-O's outfit. 

The amount of care and attention put into this is quite impressive.

DBFZ Rebalance Mod

And now something a little different from the usual. Flamescorpi0 released quite an ambitious mod that brings mountains of balance changes to DBFZ. There have been somewhat similar projects in the past, such as the DBFZ Turbo Plus mod that drastically shakes up the gameplay.

However, the rebalance mod takes a step further, making big changes to most of the characters, changing properties of some moves, adding new ones, and even rebalancing universal mechanics.

It's always nice to see such ambitious projects, and if you're curious about how big of a difference balance changes could have, this mod is worth trying out.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Sol Badguy Kusoge Moveset Mod

Are you a Sol main? Do you dream of the good old days when he was the undisputed top tier? Do you feel like he just doesn't cut it anymore? Well, here's a mod for you. Despite the name, it doesn't quite turn Sol into a kusoge character, but it does give him some interesting new properties to mess around with. 

Even though banjoboy555 made this mod to learn some BBScript, it can be a fun mod for Sol mains and lab monsters to try out. 

Dustloop-ish Frame Data Command List

We have another very ambitious and interesting project, this time from GoldenPrism15. While unfortunately incomplete, this mod seeks to fulfill a very noble purpose of making the command list useful beyond the beginner level by combining it with frame data and even some basic combos. 

With Strive not having anything of the sort within the game itself, it could be an incredibly useful tool once it's finished.

DNF Duel

Raiden Ghostblade and Jetstream Sam Ghost

"Everywhere I go, I see his face."

At this point, it feels like Raiden is in every fighting game that supports mods, and now DNF Duel is no exception. This mod from ImmaFailure101 is even more creative than average, also adding Jetstream Sam as Ghostblade's Ghost and including everyone's favorite MGR costume.


Ultimate Free Camera

UltIMa647 once again releases a simple but very unique mod that allows you to take complete control of the camera and the background. This is going to be useful for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the game, snap some cool screenshots, or create an on-demand greenscreen for some video editing.


Even though the game just recently reached easy public access, we already have some high-quality mods, such as this one from Thip. They clearly put quite a lot of effort into making Homelander fit in with the style of Multiversus while also picking the most appropriate character. Outside of his ice breath attack, Homelander feels quite at home in Superman's shoes, as one might expect.

Honorable Mention

Sakura in Sifu

Dodylectable has been putting out quite a few Sifu mods that let you experience the game while using a variety of fighting game characters. Such a simple but incredibly fun idea! The characters make a smooth transition into this hardcore action game.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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