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Weekly Mod Highlight Volume 9

2 min

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Weekly Mod Highlight Volume 9
To check out and download the mods, click the titles highlighted in red

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Transforming Moveset Goku

From RCBurrito comes a small mod with a very interesting idea. Normally, in DBFZ, different versions of the characters like normal, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan are 3 different characters. Well, with this mode, RCBurrito introduces a cool idea of switching between these states while using the same characters.

With Transforming Moveset Goku mod, you start as base Goku, and can switch to and from SSJ at will while simultaneously changing your moveset.

King of Fighters XV

Ryo? the World Warrior

Calypso Dynamo is once again responsible for some of the best KoF mods this week. Ryo? the World Warrior is obviously a homage to Ryu from Street Fighter. Quite an appropriate change attire for Ryo as both fighters have some distinct similarities with a tatsu, shoryuken, fireball, parries, and the personality of dedicated martial artists.

Ultimate Ryo Sakazaki

A small but worthwhile update to the previously featured Calypso Dynamo mod. 1.5 version of Ultimate Ryo now features some minor fixes and a full Mr. Karate II outfit, which some of you might be familiar with after finishing KoFXV story mode.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Robo-Fortune Ramlethal

From HOS_Enjoyer123 comes a rather elaborate Ramlethal recolor inspired by Robo-Fortune from Skullgirls. Unlike the usual recolors, this one goes an extra step in terms of detail, adding the glow to Ram's eyes, adding extra lines to imitate mechanical parts on her face, and changing her shading to reflect that she's made out of metal. Even sword effects are changed to blue to match the lightning effects of Robo-Fortune.

hungry_clicker Art over UI

We got a small but neat one for the last mod of this week's highlights. If you're into fighting games, you've likely heard of hungry_clicker, a mysterious and insanely productive artist who has been putting out extremely detailed drawings every single day. It's no wonder that with the focus on fighting games, they have drawn the entire cast of Guilty Gear Strive by now, and this mod reflects it.

Dartremix has replaced many UI elements with the art of hungry_clicker, and it's a surprisingly great fit.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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