Video Interview with ROMANOVA: "Keep believing in yourself"

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with ROMANOVA: "Keep believing in yourself"
DahFight Dillon sat down with FGC legend ROMANOVA to talk about her career in the gaming and esports industry, as well as her hobbies.

DBFZ World tour commentator, Community Manager for Paladins, an incredibly accomplished Cosplayer, and so much more. ROMANOVA is a wonderful person who exudes talent and has been part of the Fighting game scene for years. Her work has not only been a delight to see and hear on the biggest stages of the competition but has also inspired many across esports to build a better industry.

DashFight sat down with her to talk about her extensive career in both gaming and esports and explore her work in cosplaying and being a community figure for so many scenes. Take a look at this deep dive into her work and passion for games:

ROMANOVA Interview | Keep Believing in Yourself | DashFight