Video Interview with Fergus McGee

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with Fergus McGee
The Irish legend sat down with DashFight for an exclusive video interview

DashFight sat down with Irish pro-player Fergus McGee to chat about his involvement in the FGC, being back in an offline environment to play at the inaugural season of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League, his part in developing the Irish fighting games scene, and much more.

For over four years, Fergus has been participating in the Tekken scene, and although huge tournament wins do not adorn his house, he is still a talented player that will give it all to prove he nevertheless is a top player in the Tekken scene.


  • Playing Tekken Offline after such a long time
  • His place in the Irish FGC
  • His career in Tekken and focusing on improving
  • His journey to Pakistan
  • Being part of UYU
  • His Charity work with LGBTQ+ organizations
WUFL S1 | Fergus Interview | TEKKEN 7 | DashFight

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