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Top Five Gaming Events in the UK in 2023

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Top Five Gaming Events in the UK in 2023
Keep current on the latest happenings in the UK gaming scene by reading our list of the five most exciting gaming events coming to England in 2023

The popularity of video games has exploded over the past decade, touching nearly every industry and facet of our lives. The days of video games being a niche hobby are very much past, evidenced by the trillions of dollars the industry rakes in yearly.

Aside from playing games on their favourite console, gamers can also have a lot of fun attending events in their local area that promote new games or feature gaming competitions. Living in an area such as the UK makes that possibility even more enticing, given so many exciting events are taking place most months.

In the coming months, there will be countless gaming conventions, exhibitions, competitions, and other events that gamers will enjoy. Many of these events are free to attend, making them accessible to nearly everyone in the area.

Below is our rundown of the top five gaming events in the UK in 2023.

1. ICE in London

The International Casino Exhibition takes place in London every year and is widely regarded as the largest gaming event in the UK. Whether you are a fan of online slots UK, enjoy playing first-person shooter games, or want to play at the casino with min deposit 5 Euro, you will likely learn about a new game in your preferred genre coming out within the next few months.

With more than 500 exhibitions dedicated to upcoming games, new gaming technology, and other innovations, anyone who cares about the cutting edge of this industry should be at the event. The ICE is a valuable event to attend because you get to mingle with people present for conferences, seminars, gaming tournaments, and other events.

2. MCM Comic Con in Manchester

Comic-Con in Manchester is an iconic event on the UK entertainment calendar. Between celebrity appearances, sneak peeks from television shows and movies, gaming zones, extraordinary merchandise sales, and discussions with industry experts, there is so much a gaming enthusiast can learn from comic con. While the event is not entirely catered to the gaming industry, plenty of game developers, professional gamers, voice actors, and others from within the industry attend.

People who are attending in 2023 can expect plenty of celebrities to host panels and sign autographs. Actors such as Zachery Levi, Kyle Maclauchlan, Seth Green, Anthony Starr, and Chace Crawford will attend. Whether you only hope to participate in the event and listen to all the panels, or you want to get an autograph from a particular celebrity, you will likely have a fantastic time attending Comic Con in Manchester this year.

3. Sci-Fi Convention in Scarborough

An annual Sci-Fi event in a charming seaside town, the Scarborough Sci-Fi Convention is a lot of fun if you are a gamer. The conventions include guest talks and cosplay competitions and usually feature gaming events where you can see the latest sci-fi games slated for release.

Depending on the event schedule, you may even get guest appearances from game developers, esports athletes, or voice actors who are involved with upcoming or recently released games. If you are in the Scarborough area or live within commuting distance, mark this event in your calendar.

4. Birmingham Anime & Gaming Convention

The Birmingham Anime & Gaming Convention is another exciting event heading to the UK in 2023. The BAGC takes place every year in the Midlands area, with fans gathering to talk about their favourite anime television shows, manga comics, video games, and much more. There are often speaker panels, workshops, cosplaying events, and tournaments for professional and casual gamers. Even though you may think the event has a lot of anime focus, gaming is a huge aspect of BAGC.

5. The London Games Festival

The London Games Festival takes place in the spring of every year. A ten-day event that includes activities such as gaming showcases, interactive booths, presentations, and esports tournaments, it is often the most anticipated event of the year for gaming enthusiasts in the area.

You will learn about the latest gaming releases, get early access to new games, see demos for interactive technologies such as AR and VR, and get a chance to watch some of the most talented gamers compete against each other.

These events are ideal for the entire family. There are Games Character Parades, where kids and older gamers can dress up as their favourite characters, while professional gamers have networking opportunities.

Living in the UK gives you access to some of the world's most appealing and diverse gaming festivals and showcases. Between top gaming companies showing off their new games and many intense competitions, you can always find an event that allows you to share your gaming passion with others. These events are a chance to make new friends, explore your hobby, and learn about the latest advancements in the gaming industry.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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