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Top Events for Betting in the Fighting Game Community Calendar

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Top Events for Betting in the Fighting Game Community Calendar
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Fighting has been a popular discipline for decades – and its popularity didn’t decrease for a moment. Passionate fans of this sport wait for the upcoming events with great impatience. Bettors are also not left aside; the hottest fighting championships usually imply their presence on the best bookmaker sites and lucrative odds for every risk seeker. Members of British NonGamStopBetting sites can explore multiple exciting events with more flexibility and opportunities concerning their predictions. The latest statistics indicate that over 540 million people globally engage in eSport events – and we are confident that many of them would prefer to place a bet on the best contests. Let’s find out more about the most exciting fighting tournaments waiting for fans in 2024!

Evo (Evolution Championship Series) Japan 2024

The best fighting games, including Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, Tekken 8, and other titles, participate in this championship. The championship has been held since 1996 and hasn’t lost popularity. The event is available in multiple online sportsbooks, so punters can enjoy amazing odds and multiple bonuses to boost their initial stake. The dynamic EVO 2024 will bring multiple unforgettable emotions, so add it to your schedule so as not to miss the hottest gaming contest. This tournament with a fantastic prize pool starts on 27th April; three days of excitement and thrill await eSports lovers.

Battle of BC 6: Ultimate

This loud competition will take place in Vancouver on 29th-31st March 2024. Passionate Super Smash Bros: Ultimate game fans can follow the best players' amazing performances and even bet on the potential winner. Online bookmakers already accept pre-match bets, so don’t hesitate to make your prediction to make the event even more exciting. Over 300 gamers will participate in the competition, so you can enjoy the competitive spirit and multiple betting options.

TNS 9: CEO Never Sleeps

This amazing tournament is so close, as it will begin on 1st March 2024 in Orlando, the US. Overall, the TNS 9: CEO Never Sleeps event includes contests in Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Mortal Combat, Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, and so on. Therefore, everyone can find their favourite game and follow the competition live. The possibility of placing a bet on the preferred participant and boosting the fun when watching the anticipated event is even more thrilling. Three days of excitement wait for gaming enthusiasts at the beginning of spring, so don’t forget about TNS 9 and remember not to plan anything else to have time to enjoy the event.

SNK World Championship 2023 Finals

Even though the event started in 2023, its grand finale is still ahead. Therefore, both eSports lovers and betting enthusiasts still have the chance to follow the amazing competition and make their predictions of its outcome. Participants will fight for an incredible $175,000 prize pool, so the contest promises to be hot. 32 players will gather in Los Angeles on 16th-17th March and witness the final stage of the loud event. Don’t get disappointed if you cannot attend SNK Would Championship 2023 Finals offline: lots of online bookmakers allow their members to enjoy live streams and place bets on one platform.

Betting Tips for Fighting Game Events Enthusiasts

Placing a bet randomly is a common choice for those just beginning their journey in the world of adrenaline and excitement. However, it’s highly possible that this approach won’t bring the desired results. Every punter wants to maximize their benefits on bookmaker sites and their favourite eSports events, so grab some helpful tricks that may come in handy when betting on fighting game championships:


  • Compare odds on different betting websites

  • Select only reliable and trusted online bookmakers

  • Consider bonuses and promotions when placing bets

  • Explore some basic eSports betting strategies

  • Don’t always bet on favourite and evaluate participants

  • Know the rules of the game you are betting on

  • Remember responsible gambling rules and manage the bankroll


Experienced punters recommend beginners to explore all the conditions your chosen betting platform offers. Moreover, evaluating previous players’ performances is also critical. Using this strategy, bettors can learn the statistics and predict the actual participant’s winning opportunities. Making informed bets is the best decision for those who would like to get an unforgettable experience and win cash prizes during the anticipated fighting game competitions.

The Final Word

The eSports world constantly evolves, attracting more and more users. Fighting games hold an important place in gaming enthusiasts’ hearts, so it’s obvious that loud competitions in Mortal Combat, Tekken 8, and many other famous products create a lot of noise among fans. Lots of exciting events await us in 2024 – so mark them on your calendar, and don’t forget to bet on the chosen participant to make the game watching even more thrilling and beneficial.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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