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Top 50 Most Influential People in the FGC – Part 7

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Top 50 Most Influential People in the FGC – Part 7
Today, we have Infilament, Chris Ceglia, Akira Nishitani, Arturo Sanchez, Jonathan "Majin Obama" Metoyer

We’re at the seventh part of our Top 50 Most Influential People in the FGC project, where we highlight FGC’s shining stars and community leaders whose names are destined for the Halls of Fame. These figures, whether through their exceptional gaming skill, their extraordinary contributions to the community, or their tireless efforts in fostering growth and inclusivity, have helped shape the FGC into what it is today.

However, it's essential to note that while this list aims to honor some of the most remarkable individuals within the FGC, the inherent subjectivity of such rankings means that many other influential figures may not find themselves among these fifty names. The FGC is diverse and expansive, teeming with talent and dedication at every level, and influence often extends beyond the boundaries of a list. This compilation serves as a tribute to those who have undoubtedly played a significant role in the growth and evolution of the Fighting Game Community, but it's important to remember that the impact of countless others is equally valuable and deserving of recognition.

Today, we have the FGC glossay guru, Infilament, ten/o's executive producer, Chris Ceglia, a legendary game developer, Akira Nishitani, one of the scene's OGs, Arturo Sanchez, and the man whose passion reaches the moon, Jonathan "Majin Obama" Metoyer. Congratulations!


Infil is a hero that we might not have deserved, but desperately needed. It’s no secret that information about fighting games can be tough to find, and any new player would be stumped when trying to figure out what it means to “meaty on wake up”.

Thanks to Infil, this is a thing of the past. His FGC glossary has become a near-universal source of knowledge for both new players, and even seasoned fans who still find new words or need a succinct explanation of complicated concepts.

Even prior to that, however, he made informative articles and some of the most well-written and presented Killer Instinct guides, which still hold up as some of the best text guides ever made.

Jonathan "Majin Obama" Metoyer

You will have a hard time if you try to find someone who embodies the burning passion for fighting games better than Majin Obama. Raw, unfiltered, and always himself, he puts the games and community first, encouraging people to step up and represent the things they love, to go out there and play the games instead of just talking about them.

His own actions speak louder than the words. His heartfelt match commentary made it into countless FGC highlights, his work as a tournament organizer gave countless players an opportunity to prove themselves and enjoy the game. Meanwhile, as a content creator, he often covers serious topics with a grounded perspective, or pinpoints the little things that made us fall in love with the genre.

To the moon!

Arturo Sanchez

The most optimized man there is. Many know Art is one of the fighting game community OGs, the man who has been around since the pre-historic period, and has sacrificed thousands of hours to organize regular tournaments for the community, some of which gave rise to new stars of the competitive FGC.

However, what truly set him apart from everyone else, is the hardcore dedication to reduce the barrier between the players in the game, ensuring the most competitive environment possible. From basic things like frame rate and high-frequency monitors, to minute details like system and audio latency, Arturo will stop at nothing to create the most optimal setups. This dedication has inspired countless other players to become just a bit more tech-savvy and conscious about the little things that really matter.

Chris Ceglia

Words cannot describe the sheer amount of positive impact that Chris had on the FGC. If we tried, though, it would be a never-ending list of events where iconic moments were forged, new champions rose to fame, and countless people were entertained, leaving the event with a piece of excitement that you can only get from watching a great tournament.

As the founder of ten/o and executive producer, Chris Ceglia used his skill and talents to provide the best experience for players and spectators at events like Evo, CPT, Combo Breaker, TWT, and many others. People who ensure that the gears tick, and that everything is in its right place, are often overlooked, but not today. Thank you, Chris, and thank you to many others who were there to make those events happen!

Akira Nishitani

No other fighting game had as much impact on the genre as Street Fighter II, and Akira Nishitani is one of the people whose talents were instrumental in making that game as successful as it became. 

That alone would be enough to celebrate him as one of the greats, but he didn’t stop there. Instead, Nishitani formed a studio together with other Capcom employees, and took the franchise in a new direction with the Street Fighter EX series. 

Despite Arika’s humble scale, they continued making small but creative titles, including games like Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99, and of course Fighting EX Layer, which continues to evolve into a fighting game like no other. 

All while helping Bandai Namco with the development of the Tekken series, after joining late into the lifespan of Tekken 7 to upgrade the online functionality.

We have only three entries remaining in this series. Who do you want to see in the top 50?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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