TOC 2021 – South Asia and Philippines & East Asia: Finals Results

Elizbar Ramazashvili
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TOC 2021 – South Asia and Philippines & East Asia: Finals Results
Image source: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Tekken Online Challenge continues

Tekken Online Challenge isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon, and this weekend we got to watch two more regions fight it out for glory – South Asia and Philippines & East Asia.

AK is considered to be one of the best players of the region, and, having won the season with a considerable margin, he was going into the Regional Finals as the main favorite. He won his Pool A relatively easily and was pitted against Jules in the winners final, and this was the only match he was tested in – 3:2. The rematch against Jules in the grand final was much less tense – 3:0 sweep.

This victory in the grand finals made AK the Tekken Online Challenge 2021 – Philippines & East Asia: Regional Champion.

Jules (Heihachi/Jin) vs. AK (Shaheen/Geese/Akuma) - TOC 2021 Philippines & East Asia Masters: GF

The final Top 8 looks like this:

  • 1. AK 

  • 2. Jules

  • 3. RGN

  • 4. Maru

  • 5. Jay Nangcas

  • 5. SideStepLance

  • 7. Tomoriru

  • 7. T-REX

The second Tekken Online Challenge event of this weekend was in the region of South Asia. There, the season leader Loveneet also made it into the grand final, where he faced The Dark Prince and lost. Sadly, however, this final round was not streamed for currently unknown reasons. Nevertheless, The Dark Prince’s victory made him the Tekken Online Challenge 2021 – South  Asia: Regional Champion.

Top 8 of the region:

  • 1. The Dark Prince

  • 2. Loveneet 

  • 3. Rahul Nayyar

  • 4. sunny

  • 5. Hitesh

  • 5. Vlravyn

  • 7. Rohit

  • 7. Ashish

Tekken Online Challenge 2021 will be back next weekend with the Southeast Asia and Oceania events.