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TOC 2021 – Korea and NA: Regional Finals Results

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TOC 2021 – Korea and NA: Reginal Finals Results
Image source: Bandai Namco Entertainment
The giants clash in the East and West

Tekken Online Challenge sets a high bar for Tekken in 2022 with Korea and North America regional finals.

In North America, Joey Fury topped this year's leaderboard with 640 points and a whopping 220 points lead over Joonya 20z in second place. The event kicked off with fierce battles in Round Robin format where Joey Fury and Binchang dominated their groups with a perfect 3-0 match score. Following them, JoeCrush and Junya won 2 out of 3 matches, securing the last two spots in the top 4. Joey Fury showed incredible performance in Winner Finals with Marduk against Binchang’s Lars and Fahkumram, winning 3-1 and moving to Grand Finals. After making it back up out of the Losers side, Binchang and Joey faced off again. Binchang reset the bracket and won the tournament with his excellent Lars in the intense standoff

Binchang (Multiple) [L] vs. Joey Fury (Marduk) [W] - TOC 2021 North America Masters: Grand Finals

North America Top 8:

  1. Binchang

  2. Joey Fury

  3. Joe Crush

  4. Joonya 20z

  5. Mak

  6. Shadow 20z

  7. Cuddle_core

  8. PhiDX

A similarly brutal competition occurred in Tekken Online Challenge 2021 Korea: Regional Finals. JDCR took the confident lead in the series with 300 points and other competitors following close, with less than 100 point gap. After making it out of the Round Robin, the top 4 finals began between Meo-Il, Knee, Saint, and JDCR. Wowing the spectators, Knee chose Feng as his main for this tournament and confidently defeated Meo-Il’s Geese in the Winners Final. JDCR showed off his classic Armor King and Dragunov in the Losers bracket, defeating Saint but losing to Meo-Il. Unlike in the NA finals, no reset followed, and Knee won the tournament with a dominant 3-0 match against Meo-Il.

Knee (Feng) [W] vs. Meo-IL (Geese) [L] - TOC 2021 Korea Masters: Grand Finals

Korean Top 8:

  1. Knee

  2. Meo-Il

  3. JDCR

  4. Saint

  5. Breadman


  7. K2RO

  8. Infested

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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