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Them's Fightin' Herds 5.0.0 Patch is Out Now

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Them's Fightin' Herds 5.0.0 Patch is Out Now
Source: Mane6
Stronghoof the Reindeer joins the roster

The Mane6 team has released patch 5.0.0 for Them's Fightin' Herds. Stronghoof the Reindeer has been added to the game with this update. The new fighter is included in the Season Pass and sold separately for $4.99.

The developers also fixed a lot of bugs and added one new color palette for each character. You can find the complete list of changes below:

New Character: Stronghoof

Known Issues:

  • The DMS on all stages contains Stronghoof-specific intros, outros, and transitions, but not his domination character theme. We ran into some last-minute bugs and had to disable it for safety. They will be patched in the next update.

  • If you have the Pixel Lobby avatar for Stronghoof (or Texas) equipped and you leave/rejoin a lobby, you'll be reset to Shanty. We will fix this!


  • Revised the position of the hazards in Velvet's (and now Stronghoof's) Slide tutorial, to make it easier to complete (and possible at all for Stronghoof).

Command Lists

  • Texas' command list now properly says "bullseye" instead of "tipper" (English only; it's correct in all other languages).

  • Fixed missing move property icons (Low, Overhead, Grab, etc) for level 3 supers on non-English command lists for Tianhuo and Shanty.

  • Fixed the word "Magic" not being highlighted blue for "Ran Shao Feng" in Tianhuo's Russian command list.

  • Fixed the word "Super Attacks" being misaligned in Arizona’s Russian command list.

  • Fixed Texas' 6A description "blockable while the opponent is descending" being in Spanish instead of Brazilian Portuguese on that command list.

  • For Russian command lists, retranslated "Projectile Invulnerable" (where it appears), "Retreat Flip" (Tianhuo), "Cartwheel" (Paprika), and "Launcher Attack" (All Characters).

  • For Brazilian Portuguese command lists, retranslated "Parley" (Shanty), "Dark Cataclysm" (Oleander), "Digging Pup" (Pom), "Volcanic Bash" (Tianhuo), and the description of "Eat" (All Characters).


Cosmetic Added one new palette for each character:

  • Arizona - "Marching Fishes"
  • Velvet - "Koyousetsu"
  • Oleander - "Hell's Grenade"
  • Paprika - "Fifth Slash"
  • Pom - "Double Typhoon"
  • Tianhuo - "Mega Flame"
  • Shanty - "Night of Fire"
  • Texas - "Hammer Spark"


  • Fixed an issue present in the last patch that was causing Max-JD hitspark sound effects to play louder than they used to.



  • Fixed certain chain attacks not coming out consistently. Players would get forward attacks instead of low attacks. (6A > 3B or 6A > 3C).



  • Fixed Velvet not being able to super cancel during the first few frames of 3C.



  • Fixed an issue where 5B could be canceled into 3C on whiff.

  • Fixed grounded Magic Spark (level 3) appearing as the size of a normal Spark, instead of being enlarged (this seemed to have broken at some point in the past).



  • Fixed an issue present in the previous patch that caused normals performed as a reversal to no longer trigger gift eats (only specials should bypass gift eating).



  • Fixed an issue present in the previous patch that caused dog attacks to stop attacking when Pom was put into preblock (dog attacks should only stop attacking during actual blockstun).

  • Fixed an issue where if Momma dog was hit by Texas' 2D during Rally, she would instantly activate her counter the next time she used it.



  • Texas now has an onscreen timer for his level 2 super (Pummel Pillar).


  • Fixed trades of Prairie Pummel with Paprika's cinnamon roll causing Paprika to fall out of the super prematurely.

  • Fixed an issue causing Texas to fall backwards instead of straight down when being thrown by Shanty's air grab.

  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to not follow Texas properly if launched offscreen by certain moves while his Prairie Pillar was active.

  • Fixed Texas sometimes being invisible during the cutscene of Oleander's level 3 super.

  • Fixed Texas being vulnerable to projectile hits during the grab of his 6A. He is now invulnerable immediately after a successful grab.

  • Fixed Texas being able to activate Cowbell followups after triggering the counter from Pom's level 3 super.

  • Fixed opponents gaining extra height after being hit with Prairie Pummel during the middle of being ground bounced.

  • Fixed an issue where j.C could be canceled into an air throw at a very specific time, even on whiff.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed a trade with Cowbell against a KO'd Texas to do followups. 

Known Issues: This fix has created another issue where same-frame trades with another Texas Cowbell cause mismatched frame advantage, favoring Player 2. We are looking into a fix.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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