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The Internet’s Most Asked Questions About Street Fighter 6

Femi Famutimi
12 min

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The Internet’s Most Asked Questions About Street Fighter 6
The Internet is abuzz with news of Street Fighter 6, so we thought to at least answer the most pressing questions regarding the game

Street Fighter 6 will be coming out in June 2023, and there is a lot of excitement around the game. In the build-up to its release, everyone is trying to get their hands on as much information as possible. To that end, we have decided to put together the 12 most asked questions regarding Street Fighter 6 along with the answer to sate your curiousity.

We cover topics such as the release date, timeline, age of the characters, and some of the features that differentiate it from other Street Fighter iterations and other fighting games on the scene.  

Question 1

What is Street Fighter 6 on?

According to all the material and advertising around the game, we can say with some certainty that Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, 5, and the Xbox series X|S. This is great as everyone who wants the chance to play the game will be able to do so. However, it’s bad news for our Nintendo Switch friends as there is currently no indication that it will be available on that console. But never say never, eh?

Question 2

Who is on Street Fighter 6’s Roster?

There are 18 characters already reported to be in Street Fighter 6, and they are: Ryu, Ken, Chun li, E.Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, Luke, Juri, Guile, Zangief, Cammy, Deejay, and for the newcomers, we have Jamie, Kimberly, JP, Marisa, Manon, and Lily. All the original eight world warriors return, which is a treat, and with DLC certain also to be released, we could see some new and old characters to warm the heart. I have a question for you, who would you like to see as a DLC character for Street Fighter 6?

Question 3

What is different about Street Fighter 6?

That’s a great question. Why is there so much hype around Street Fighter 6? Naturally, there would be hype around a new addition to such an iconic franchise, but it quickly became clear that the excitement was not simply from the competitive crowd but even from the more casual audience. We don’t have the game to play right now, but at a glance, some of the bigger differences include new game modes like World Tour, Fighting Grounds, and the very fun-looking extreme battle mode where you can set up wild obstacles for yourself while playing.

It has more control schemes, Upgraded graphics, New fighting mechanics for veterans to geek out to, New and intriguing characters, and so much more, including the addition of classic retro games for free in the arcade section of the fighter’s hub. The game is a dream for a wide array of fans. 


Question 4

What is SF6 going to be about?

The truth is, nobody knows….yet. We have hints of various story beats. For one, we know that the story mode will heavily feature Luke. We get this from interviews with the developers in which they reveal that Luke is the main character, and he is also the one World Tour players will interact with the most at first. We also know that with Bison said to have perished in Street Fighter V, he might not feature in SF6, and we have a new villain who is likely to be JP. Also, there is the Ken angle, and from the little we know, he is on the run after being framed for a crime he did not commit. So, not to worry, guys, Eliza didn’t leave him and take Mel with her. How will the world tour mode and other game modes interact with the story? And what will be the fate of our favorite characters? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Question 5

When is SF6 coming out?

This one is easy. Street Fighter 6 will be available from the 2nd of June, 2023. Which, when you think about it, is right around the corner. So, yay!

Question 6

When does SF6 take place?

According to one of the producers of the game, Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of Street Fighter 3. So, in chronological order, the Street Fighter series goes something like this:

Street Fighter

Street Fighter Alpha Series

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter III

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter III’s story is loose at best, but it takes place a long time after the 2nd World Warrior tournament. In the story, a new fighter, Alex, decides to fight in the 3rd World Warrior tournament to have a chance to battle the new evil secret organization wreaking havoc around the world. Known as the Illuminati, it was headed by the atrociously designed Gill. This also explains why the characters have aged significantly as some time has passed. We don’t know how much time, and we can suspect that it is probably more than the faces of the characters let on. But, let’s just say each Street Fighter character has great genes and look way younger than they are.

Question 7

When is the next SF6 beta?

We don’t know about this one. There have been two so far, one from the 7th to the 10th of October 2022 and the other from the 16th to the 18th of December 2022, and it is possible that there will be another before the June release of the game. This is based on the fact that Street Fighter V also had about three betas, but, SFV was supposed to have one and only had more due to technical difficulties. So there is that to consider. But there have been some whispers that an open beta might be available soon, and we can only cross our fingers and knock on wood, eh?

Question 8

How old are the Street Fighter 6 cast?

This is a pretty nuanced question. How do we determine the age of Street Fighter characters? It is a little difficult because Street Fighter never tells us exactly what year it is set in, and this can make it quite a hassle to figure out how old people are supposed to be. Also, generally speaking, since Street Fighter II, Capcom has been very reluctant to give any age to any of the characters as it would force them to age them and potentially retire them. Therefore, we can say that the Street Fighter characters are ageless, like the X-Men or Batman, who have existed since the 40s and 60s and are still yoyoing between being youngsters at the start of their lives and older gentlemen and women. 

That said, saying they’re ageless is no fun, so instead, we’ll make some educated speculations. We know that Street Fighter was released in 1987, and according to Capcom, Ryu was 23 years old at the time. It was also known that when Street Fighter II rolled around, Ryu was 27. It is at this point that things get tricky because, before Street Fighter and Street Fighter II, the events of Street Fighter Alpha happened. We can assume that Ryu was 24-26 around this time, and since Street Fighter III is set a few years after, we can say that Ryu was about 34 there. Now, with Street Fighter IV and V happening before Street Fighter III, we will have to assume that he was about 29 when that happened and was perhaps 31-32 during the events of Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 6 takes place after Street Fighter III, and if the trailers are anything to go by, quite some time must have passed between the Third World Warrior tournament and the events of SF6. Going by all that, we can make the educated guess that Ryu is somewhere in his very late 30s to very early 40s. 

If you just want to count from his birthdate, which is 1964, then he’s 59 years old, which is wild considering how he looks and what he can do. 

Using our educated guesses, then we can talk about the ages of everyone else. We’ll look at the age of all the world warriors going by their position on the character select screen.

Ryu should be about 40 years old

Honda, who is four years older than Ryu, should be 44-45 years old

Blanka is two years younger than Ryu and should be about 38 

Guile is the same age as Honda, so that’s 44-45

Ken is a year younger than Ryu, so he’s about 39

Chun li is four years younger than Ryu, so she should be about 36

Zangief is one of the older characters and was born in 1956, which would, using our formula, put him around 48-49 years old.

Dhalsim is even older and should be around 52 years

Cammy is the youngling who is a whopping 10 years younger than Ryu, so that will put her around 30. And may I just say, for a 30-year-old, she has been through a lot.

Finally, we have Dee Jay, who is the same age as Ken, so he should be about 39. 

The last issue we might encounter with the age thing is that there is no indication about how long there is between Street Fighter III and 6, so we just have to shoot in the dark here. That said, Ryu does look 40, and Cammy has the look of a 30-year-old with all the confidence that age brings. 

Question 9

How much will Street Fighter 6 cost?

There are currently three versions of SF6 available for pre-purchase. The first is the regular version which will set you back $59.99. There is the Deluxe version which will grant you the game, special titles and stickers, and a year-one character pass at $84.99. Finally, there is the Ultimate Edition which grants you all the stuff from the Deluxe version and what they call a year one ultimate pass and will cost you $104.99. It is believed that the character passes mean that you will not have to pay extra for any DLC character for the first year. Year one ultimate pass may mean you will not have to pay for any DLC content for the first year, including stages, outfits, and so on. 

Question  10

Why is Street Fighter 6 so popular?

There are so many ways to answer this. But, let’s start with this simple fact: Street Fighter is more popular than its niche. Thanks to the cultural icon that was SFII, the franchise has enjoyed success and notoriety beyond the gaming circle and has fans from all walks of life. SF6, with its fresh ideas, new characters, insane graphics, and great approach towards bringing in new players, there is certainly a lot to be excited about regarding Capcom’s latest fighting game. 

Question 11

Where does SF6 take place?

Metro City seems to be the main location of the game. That’s not all, though, as the pre-order trailer showed that there would be other locations like Italy and France. But it does seem that most of the open-world stuff will be done in Metro City…I wonder if Cody is still mayor?

Question 12

Is Street Fighter 6 free?

No. Street Fighter will cost you money. But, it did raise the question of if free-to-play is the way for fighting games to go. Street Fighter might not have done it with Street Fighter 6, but with the expected arrival of Project L, which has been confirmed to be free-to-play, it is possible that more AAA fighting game titles might join the free-to-play bandwagon. But with how good Street Fighter 6 looks so far, you wouldn’t mind dropping some money on it, would you?

Street Fighter 6 is being touted as the game to really blow the doors open for the FGC and the title that could potentially take the FGC mainstream. Will it be successful? Only time can tell, but you can be sure that we are there for the entire journey.

You can watch the video below or head over to our YouTube channel to give it a look.

The Internet's most asked questions about Street Fighter 6

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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