The Best Version of KoF '98 is Finally Coming to PS4!

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The Best Version of KoF '98 is Finally Coming to PS4!
PlayStation fans of the classic KoF can now enjoy it in its full glory

While the classic SNK titles are very old at this point, they are far from forgotten. King of Fighters '98 is still one of the most beloved fighting games of all time, with hundreds of fans playing it day to day.

Thanks to joint effort of SNK and Code Mystics, even this over two decades old title can enjoy the rollback netcode, improved balance, a massive roster of 64 characters, and other little things that are expected in a competitive fighting game.

While the King of FIghters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition has been available for several years now, it has finally made its way to Sony's PlayStation 4 and is available right now!

If you want to try the game out, now is the perfect time. On top some of the best netcode you could ask from a fighting game and a gigantic roster to explore, KoF '98 UM FE also includes:

  • Modern practice mode with a rich set of features
  • Fun trials that will test your execution and present interesting challenges
  • Online lobbies
  • Classic NeoGeo mode
  • Replay system to further help you improve or capture highlights
  • Arcade and Endless single-player modes
  • Casual and Ranked online matches
  • Leaderboards that show how well you fare against your friends and global community

 So, good luck, and have fun!