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The Best of Social Media at Evo 2023

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Best Social Media Reactions to Evo 2023
The FGC continues to develier on the biggest stage, making its social media presence heard worldwide

There always is plenty to celebrate during Evo, and this year was no different, with social media exploiting the announcements and reacting to every set. From the Mortal Kombat's Reddit community thirsting over Reptile's admittedly slick human form to the many Chipotle ravers every time the ad played. Here is everything you might or might not have missed on social media during Evo 2023.

Even before Evo started, players were preparing anytime, anywhere:

With Evo's floor being so large, it was important to stay hydrated and well fed, thankfully, cosplayers had that covered:

Riot Games, although not, yet, a major contender in the fighting games scene, certainly made their presence known all weekend at the booth with their Project L demo.

Speaking of large red corporations, Chipotle's ad quickly became a fan favorite in the arena. Clearly, Sajam's voice can impart hype.

Of course, it would not be Evo without a story of small triumph in the deepest of dispairs, as a player's keyboard and pad broke, leaving him at the mercy of a good samaritan:

But enough about what was happening outside the stage. Let's hear the FGC call to us all.

We had Champions, like Hikari, whose first Evo victory was an unbelievable 3-2 series over Yasha, and who only four months ago had won another major in Bum's Birthday Bash, making him a clear favorite for this year's Dragon Ball Fighter Z World Tour Finals.

Leffen also proved to the world, hopefully for the final time, that indeed, he is one of the best fighting game players in the world. Joining an exclusive club of multi-game Evo champions.

Another man writing history was Arslan Ash, a four-time Evo champion in Evo Japan 2019 and 2023, as well as Evo 2019 and now 2023. He joins Ryo "BAS" Yoshida, tied for 3rd in most Evo wins ever.

But all eyes were on Street Fighter 6, the first Evo for the game, and now that looking back, no one will forget.

The world tuned into Evo 2023 to watch the action, from anywhere they could, and every set of the top 6 had everyone glued to their screens.

As if scripted the beginning of the end could only start on the back of a Memphis reset.

With the glimmering lights of the Arena, the world's weight on their shoulders, and around half a million viewers across all platforms, there could only be one champion, MenaRD or Angry Bird.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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