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Tekken World Tour 2022: Regional Finals Top 16 Results

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Tekken World Tour 2022: Regional Finals Top 16 Results
This past week, regional finals for TWT went down in three different regions, let's check out what went down!

TEKKEN World Tour 2022: North America Regional Finals Top 16

This past week, we finally enetered the regional finals stage of Tekken World Tour. The biggest regions, such as North America, West Europe, and Japan, concluded their top 16 tournaments, with two best players from each pool moving on to the top 8 tournaments that will be held within next two months.

Before we get into talking about the results, keep in mind that these tournaments were ran using the Round Robin format. The top 16 was divided in 4 pools with 4 players each, where every competitor would fight everyone else and then get placed based on their score.

For NA, we had many of the seasoned veterans secure their spot in the competition. Anakin performed with remarkable dominance, winning all 3 of his matches. Despite his ephemeral retirement, Speedkicks also showed everyone that he's still a beast, winning all 3 of his games while using both Hwoarang and Lee. Joe Fury stuck with his now signature Marduk, and only dropped one set against Anakin, but still qualified for the top 8. AverieRiB came in with a bit of an upset, beating Shadow 20z 2-0 and moving on to the top 8 with the best score in his pool. Meanwhile, in Pool D, Cuddle_Core once again showed excellence with Alisa and gave as a hype Nina vs Xiaoyu match when fighting Victim_of_Ritual.

The current top 8 is:

  1. AverieRiB
  2. Anakin
  3. Cuddle_Core
  4. Genghis_Don
  5. Joey Fury
  6. Joecrush
  7. Speedkicks
  8. Ty

Their next battle will commence on Decemeber 11th.

TEKKEN World Tour 2022: West Europe Regional Finals Top 16

The EU top 16 led to some incredibly intense matches between the best of the best. SuperAkouma once again proved that he's one of the best in EU, defeating all players in his pool. In the same group, Tetsu managed to show some impressive results, beating both Mr Croft and Sephiblack, losing only to SuperAkouma

Pool B featured some absolute killers as well, pitting Joka, Fergus, DBP, and Gosain against each other. As one might expect, Joka ended up with the best score in the group while showing off that his Heihachi is as strong as his Feng. All while DBP reached new heights with Bob, qualifying for the top 8 after beating Fergus and Gosain.

Pool C saw the rise of less recognized but very skilled players. Danielmado, one of the best Jin players in the world, managed to qualify for top 8 in what was an intense series of matches, only losing to the HK JR, the strong Heihachi player. The second player to qualify was DombiliMaymun, the Marduk player who stomped out KiraKira with a resounding 2-0.

For the last pool, we had the triumph of old-timers like K-Wiss and Roo Kang. Their group also included AyoRichie, the Leo prodigy, and Kane and Trench, who you might remember as one of the best Yoshi players in Europe.

The current top 8 is:

  1. Danielmado
  2. DBP
  3. DombiliMaymun
  4. Joka
  5. K-Wiss
  6. Roo Kang
  7. SuperAkouma
  8. Tetsu

Look forward to the final top 8 during November 13th.

TEKKEN World Tour 2022: Japan Regional Finals Top 16

The Japanese bracket was thoroughly unpredictable thanks the high number of excellent players who didn't yet have a chance to shine on the international scene but might be familiar to those who follow ICFC Asia.

The well known and godlike players like Nobi and Rangchu had a relatively confident run, securing their placements in nonetheless tight matches that could've went either way. Same can't be said for other well known players like Double and Chikurin. While Double lost all 3 of his matches, Chikurin had a 2-1 record but lost due to the head-to-head, with Piyohiko, Pekos, OBK, and Matsuba qualifying in their respective brackets.

Pinya, who recently showed some stellar performance, also was less fortunate this time around, losing to Nobi and B-Kun, both of them going on ahead to top 8.

The current top 8 is:

  1. AO
  2. B-Kun
  3. Matsuba
  4. Nobi
  5. OBK
  6. Pekos
  7. Piyohiko
  8. Rangchu

Their final showdown will happen on December 17th!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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