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Tekken 8 Update v1.02.01 Patch Notes

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Tekken 8 Update v1.02.01 Patch Notes
Don't expect anything big, it's just fixes!

Tekken 8 just got another chunky patch, but don't get too excited, this one is mostly focused on fixes and quality of life improvements.

The general takeaways are that you should see weird interactions a lot less, and that includes a few balance changes related to unintended behaviour of some moves. For example, the Yoshimitsu Heat combo where he just flashes you in front of everyone has been fixed. As funny as it was, good riddance.

The little niceties of life are making their way in as well. Remember the icons that they showed during the Eddy showcase? Those are now in. It might not be a huge change, since all of those abilities have visuals in the world, but it's definitely good to have a more distinct indicator, especially when people sometimes try and mask the effects with their cosmetics.

The shop that they showcased recently is also coming sooner than expected, so get your coins out for the nostalgia.

Finally, there is a somewhat questionable punishment for those who cheated in ranked, which likely means plugging and other nefarious means of trying to climb. You'd think those players would get served up a nice ban, but as was stated before, the team is not sure yet if they can actually ban those people without legal repercussions. Instead, their leaderboard position will be erased, and their rank reset to beginner.

Not giving them a position on the leaderboard certainly sounds good, but putting them against players against the lowest rank? I'm not sure if that's much of a punishment. Nothing stops these players from plugging or win trading, and beginners will likely not stand much of a chance against them. Hopefully, Bandai Namco can sort out the bureaucracy behind the bans, and send these cheaters into a well deserved retirement.

If you want to check out the changes in more detail, you can visit the Tekken website, or checkout the screenshots below.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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