Tekken 7 Wallpapers and Arts Collection

Ilya Kravtsov
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Tekken 7 Wallpapers and Arts Collection
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Why do we like to play computer games? Maybe because we like certain characters there. Sometimes we choose them by their beauty and grace of the image, sometimes by their actions or abilities.

When we see our hero, we empathize with him or her. We usually like noble, honest, kind, strong, wise, beautiful characters. Interestingly, in one of the psychological experiments, when we see someone or something good, we become better as a person.

After all, when honest Law, elegant Nina, kind Kuma, powerful King are looking at you, you want to be more honest, prettier, kinder, and stronger.

This is where posters and arts can help. When we look at heroes, for example, on the desktop, we can more often recall those positive qualities, that we want to develop in ourselves.

Let's check these Tekken 7's arts:

You can download all of them here.

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