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Tekken 7 Patch Ver 5.10 is Live

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Tekken 7 Patch Ver 5.10 is Live
Source: Bandai Namco
Update brings in new system features as well as 12 new community characters panels

The latest Tekken 7 patch that Bandai Namco announced earlier this week is finally live. In version 5.10, the team did not make any balance fixes, limiting themselves to new features, changes to existing functionality, and the addition of cosmetic items. You can find the full changelog below:

Addition of Streaming Mode

Streaming Mode has been added to the Game Options.

When Streaming Mode is activated, the online ID/gamertag of the opponent on the VS screen and the battle screen in Ranked Match, Player Match, and Quick Match will be replaced to the character name.

Expanded Character Selection Features

Players can now register their favorite character and costume combination and select it with one button.

We also added a feature that remembers the last costume that was selected until the game is closed. 

Modified Tournament Settings

We made some modifications to the Tournament Settings in Game Options. When Tournament Settings are switched on, players will not be able to use the following character selection features in the Versus Battle:

  • "Favorite" settings
  •  Character costume selection
  •  Saving of last costume selected 

Updated Connection Status Info Display

We made the following changes to the connection status info display:

  • Connection status info display format updated.
  • Text color in some parts of the display updated to show sync status.
  • Info added on the processing load of the PCs used in the match.

Addition of New Customization Items

The version 5.10 Character Panel Set has been added.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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